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David: Finally, the fighting's over.
Gordon: Yep. *Snickers as he turns on a song*

Song: link

David: Gordon bạn son of a-
Ethan: *Runs over David*
Gordon: YES! Everyone is fighting each other again!
Mily: *Runs over the radio, turning the song off* Are they?

Everyone quickly returned to normal much to Gordon's annoyance.

Mily: Let's continue our show. Six Shooters 4 is on the way.

Song: link


Harry: *Looking at a sign in front of his house. It says...* Sold.
Amy: I told bạn we'd do it. bạn didn't believe me.
Harry: Yeah, until two days cách đây when I heard that we'd have some buyers. Any plan on where...
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Song: link

Tim: Finally, a peaceful song that won't cause controversy.
Wayne: Did someone say controversy?! *Punches Tim*
Coffee Creme: *Punches Commander Kane*
Liam: *Hits Derek with a chair*
Lewis: We're the good guys!
Liam: It's the song man! I can't help it!
Mily: *Watching the fight* Well, looks like I'm hosting again. Why does everyone fight over the song?
Blossom: I don't know!
Buttercup: *Shoots Blossom with laser vision*
Mily: Ouch. I better hiển thị bạn the schedule before I get attacked. Enjoy! *Takes off quickly*

8 PM - Now

Johnny Lightning
Gran Turismo

8:30 PM - Later

Six Shooters 4

Langley Virginia,...
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The sun was setting. Liam and Kevin started a ngọn lửa, chữa cháy in their fireplace, and were preparing hot chó with s'mores.

Wayne: *Rubbing two sticks together*
Miss. Heart: Wayne, that never works.
Wayne: You're right. We should have brought your car instead. That thing's so unreliable it would've started a ngọn lửa, chữa cháy for us.
Miss. Heart: *Slaps Wayne* I'm asking Kevin if we can tham gia him. Go get our thực phẩm and utensils.

Wayne was not happy, unlike the other three.

Liam: *Places several small sticks into the fire*
Miss. Heart: *Placing leaves in the fire*
Kevin: *Looks at Miss. Heart*
Miss. Heart: They burn better than...
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Tinicum Park, Pennsylvania. Across the river from Frenchtown.

Wayne: *Driving his 1956 Bel-Air into the park*
Miss. Heart: I wonder where Kevin and Liam are.
Wayne: I hope we don't see them.
Miss. Heart: Come on Wayne, I think you're being too hard on them. What they did with me was three years ago.
Wayne: And I do not want them getting near bạn again. *Looks at a sign* 15. That's the spot we reserved. *Pulls into the parking space* Let's get everything unloaded.

Kevin arrived in his Silverado. He and Liam reserved a spot tiếp theo to Wayne, and Miss. Heart.

Kevin: *Parks his truck* Let's go say hi to...
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âm nhạc
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Theme Song

Kevin: *Plays piano*
David: *Playing bass*
Liam: *Playing drums*
Liz: *Plays guitar*
Mr. Nut: *Sings* Welcome everybody to The Nut House. Thankfully this is not in Laos. Come on everybody into The Nut House. bạn can wear anything except for a blouse. Come on everybody, step into The Nut House.
Everyone: The Nut House!

Episode 18: Camping

At The Nut House, Kevin and Liam were making plans.

Liam: That's my yêu thích spot.
Kevin: Which is why I recommended it.
Wayne: *Walks in with Miss. Heart*
Kevin: Here come the tình yêu birds.
Wayne: What's up guys?
Liam: We're just planning a camping trip....
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âm nhạc
sean the hedgehog
âm nhạc
sean the hedgehog
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Song: link

The tiếp theo day, Kevin and Liam were at The Nut House.

Parker: *Arrives* I'm back to beat thêm of your records Liam!
Kevin: Are bạn ready?
Liam: I am.
Kevin: Go get him.
Liam: *Walks with Parker to the arcade*

As the two of them got the quarters into the game, everyone was watching, hoping that Liam would win.

Parker: *Goes to Detroit*
Liam: bạn should ask before selecting the track tiếp theo time.
Parker: Shut up.
Liam: *Selects the Saleen S7 Turbo*
Parker: *Chooses a Dodge Viper*
David: *Drinking a root bia as he stands tiếp theo to Liz, and Mr. Nut*
Wayne: *Walks in with Mrs. Heart* What's going on?
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This is a hilarious clip.
sean the hedgehog
Man: (Cleaning a red Bodhi truck, witch is Trever's tradition car in the game).
Trevor: (comes in, wearing his traditional white t-shirt and sweat pants) Hey. Nice car man.
Man: Jee. Thanks mister..
Trevor: Say. Wanna see something, (gives the man a ngẫu nhiên magazine).
Man: (camera zoomed up on him) What am I suppose to do with this!? 
Trevor: (shown in the car when the camera zoomed back out) It's suppose to distract bạn as I steal your car.
Audience: (laughs and claps),
Man: (angrily) Hey! 
Trevor: (driving off) bạn just been T-Jacked, bitch! 
Audience: (cheers at this)  

Trevor: (still...
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âm nhạc
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Song: link

Twilight: Let me point this out right now! I'm the most important ngựa con, ngựa, pony in the entire universe!
Applejack: Did bạn even check to see where bạn were standing?
Twilight: Why?
Eddie: *Blows his horn as he runs over Twilight*
Rarity: *Watching Eddie leave as he pulls fifteen Southern Pacific boxcars*
Fluttershy: Will she be okay?
Rainbow Dash: Somehow, I don't doubt it. Let's get My Little Pornstar: The Fanfiction set up. This is the original version bởi the way, not the extended one.

This is a parody of My Little Pony. The voice actors for the mane 6 are..

Ice Cube - Twilight Sparkle
Kath Soucie...
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Song (Start at 4:16): link

Liz: *Playing guitar*
Liam: *Playing drums*
Master Sword: Come on over everyone! We got some great âm nhạc for you.
Skywalker: Did bạn forget that we have a hiển thị to run?
Master Sword: You're the host bạn know.
Skywalker: Oh, that's right. Hi folks. Skywalker from Bartholomew here, and welcome to the S.S.S.S. This is our last hiển thị of the month. We'll be taking the 31st, and April 7th off to celebrate April Fools, and the beginning of April itself.
Wilson: Does anyone even celebrate April Fools anymore?
Skywalker: Not that I know of. Anyway, here's tonight's schedule.

8 PM - Now...
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Song: link

Orion: Hey, here's some nice music.
Sean:...rock & roll......
Parker: Nice horns.
Sean: Rock, & Roll!
Saten Twist: Hi, I'm Saten Twist, and-
Sean: ROCK & ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saten Twist: No. Bad talking train. Go back to the yards.
Sean: *Backing away from Saten Twist* This isn't over.
Saten Twist: bạn are joining us for the 2nd half of Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. We will be hiển thị On The Block, and Adventures of Thomas & Friends. Enjoy.

Welcome to the block. And now for your hosts, Master Sword, and Tom Foolery.

Audience: *Cheering, clapping, and whistling*
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Tom: Now this section of the video focuses on parts of our hiển thị where the Mane 6 made special guest appearances, hoặc played as characters in skits. For instance, cầu vồng Dash played as Marisa Sayers in The đít, mông, ass đít, mông, ass Inn skit.

We're starting off with that female alicorn with the voice of Ice Cube, Twilight Sparkle

Audience: *Cheering*


Twilight: Whad up niggas?
Audience: *Clapping*
Twilight: Let's start off our first ngày of school with some arithmetic. What is one plus one?

Link to how Pinkie Pie is talking:

Pinkie Pie: Nein nein nein nein nein nein...
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Rainbow Dash: *Flying in the sky*
Applejack: *Drunk, holding a shotgun* Oh look, it's an eagle. *Shoots cầu vồng Dash*
Tom: *Points at Applejack* Thankfully I'm nothing like that pony. I'm Tom Foolery from On The Block, and this is Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. You'll be pleased to know that this is my một giây time hosting this series. With that, it's time to view this week's schedule.

On The Block: Rated TV-14
My Little Pornstar: Rated TV-MA
My Little Pornstar: Rated TV-MA

Tom: We'll have part 2 on here at 8:20, and part 3 at 8:40. Enjoy the...
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Snow Wonder: *Hears the music* Oh, we're back to this song.
Annie: What's wrong with that? I like it.
Toad: We're making our first appearance with the other characters in this intro Mr. Oliver.
Oliver: I'm excited too Toad.
Toad: But I'm not excited. I'm nervous. *Begins to shake*
Oliver: You're shaking bởi yourself?!
Toad: I told bạn I'm nervous! *Falls apart*
Oliver: There's a first.
Hawkeye: I thought we agreed to get a new opening song.
Pete: It seems that someone changed it.
Gordon: That's right. It was me, Gordon Suite!
Everyone: Boo!!! *Throwing...
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January 12, 2001

Andy: *Stops his car in front of the police station*
Lewis: *Gets out*
Andy: *Drives away*
Bob: *Watches Lewis enter the police station* Lewis, guess what Shawn got the two of us.
Lewis: What?
Bob: Come on, follow me. *Walks with Lewis outside into a parking lot*

Outside were two brand new Chrysler 300's

Lewis: I guess this explains why Andy sold my car yesterday.
Bob: Yep. These are our welcome back gifts.
Leonard: *Walks over* Welcome back bạn two.
Bob: Thanks Leonard.
Leonard: Lewis, I gotta talk to you.
Lewis: Alright.
Bob: I'll go somewhere else, and let bạn talk in private....
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