Sea Life What's your fave cartoonish sea life animal? (Let me know if I forgot any, this is all I could think of)

Pick one:
Bruce the cá mập in Finding Nemo
Dory in Finding Nemo
One of the others in Finding Nemo
marlin in Finding Nemo
Nemo in Finding Nemo
Squirt & Crush in Finding Nemo
Kenny the Shark-TV hiển thị
Sebastian in Little Mermaid phim chiếu rạp
cá bơn, bồ câu in Little Mermaid phim chiếu rạp
Vern the rùa, con rùa in Over The Hedge
Cleo, Pinnochio's goldfish
Lenny & Frankie in cá mập Tale
Angie in cá mập Tale
Lola in cá mập Tale
Oscar in cá mập Tale
Klaus in American Dad
Ursula's eels in Little Mermaid
don&# 39; t like any of these
don't like any of these
 pmmom38 posted hơn một năm qua
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