Scrubs Which is a better nickname?

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Brown Bear-Turk
The Todd-Todd
Various Girl Names-J.D.
Barbie/Blonde Doctor-Elliot
Scooter (short for Scooter-Pie) - J.D.
Added by Nav
Lurch - Janitor
Added by knifewrench
Vanilla chịu, gấu - JD
Added by enigmamama
Black cá voi - Turk
Added by benji
Ken - Keith
Added by PkmnTrainerJ
Sô cô la Bear/Super Sô cô la chịu, gấu
Added by Dow
Bambi - JD
Added by hak
The thuyền (JD)
Slappy Bag - Turk
Added by bigRdog007
Gandhi - Turk
Added by Ironman
Slagathor - Debbie (intern)
Slagathor - Debbie (intern)
Added by mrlee91
slusident-elliot,(half slut half resident)
Added by fitzdude
Little loại dưa leo, rau diếp, loại dưa leo, rau diếp, gherkin - Isabella
Added by shav0r
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Pee Pants
Added by scrubsfan13
sir plugealot - janitor
carmel bear- ngẫ u nhiê n guy who supposedly died in...
carmel bear- ngẫu nhiên guy who supposedly died in college after trying to pull a pra
Added by babybell
molebut/rolermoler - Elliot
I Can&# 39; t Choose!
I Can't Choose!
Added by swimswamswum
Scary Nurse-Wife (Carla)
Added by DalekSec
too much choises
too much choises
Added by dillthepill9
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