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posted by animelover97
Mami Sasazaki (Guitar & Vocals)

Born: May 21, 1990

MAMI has the best đàn ghi ta, guitar skills among the girls, and serves as The Lead guitarist in Scandal. She often amazes những người hâm mộ that come to see them live with her dexterity and skill with the electric guitar. She also appears serious and kind of dark on stage due to her long fringe and serious expression, but offstage, she becomes a direct opposite, displaying a very cheerful and upbeat personality. Also among the group, she’s also the biggest người hâm mộ of Japanese Anime. In the vocals department, she has a very soft-punkish voice, and as a result whenever...
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The 1st mini-album:
Yah! Yah! Yah! Hello Scandal

Description~ New single release from high school girl's band Scandal and theme song to the film "Corazon de Melon."

Album Type: Mini-Album
Release Date: August 08, 2008
Record Label: Kitty Records
Availability: Regular CD

Track List:
01. Koi no Kajitsu ~ tình yêu Fruit
02. không gian Ranger
03. Koi Moyou ~ tình yêu Pattern
04. Kagerou ~ Mayfly

The 1st album:

Description~ Debut album release from Scandal including all 13 tunes, which contain the band's all trước đó singles. Limited edition includes bonus DVD with seven âm nhạc video and short movie. Comes...
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posted by animelover97
Haruna Ono (Vocals & Guitar)

Born: August 10, 1988
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
Blood type: A
Height: 153 cm

HARUNA, the eldest among the group and also serves as the leader. A girl who had a passion for dancing and dreamed of becoming a dancer, but things changed when she met her co-members and eventually took on a rock n’ roll path. But the influence of dance stayed, the reason why some of their PV, choreography can be seen. HARUNA has the most powerful and deep voice that usually leads in their songs combined with the voices of the other 3 members.


• A người hâm mộ of Tohoshinki.
• A fan...
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posted by animelover97
Scandal is an all-girl pop punk band from Osaka, Nhật Bản who made their "indie" debut in 2008. They have released 3 singles on the Kitty label that were sold exclusively at Tower Records Japan; they have since become available on iTunes in both the US and Japan. However, because Kitty released their singles in such limited quantities, in 2008 they got Sony to sign them onto their Epic Records label. Due to Sony's ongoing disagreements with táo, apple Inc. over their iTunes âm nhạc Store and Sony's own Mora, the band's âm nhạc which was formerly available on iTunes, was quickly removed from both the US...
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 Regular Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Lyrics by: SCANDAL, Noriyasu Isshiki
Composed by: Noriyasu Isshiki
Arranged by: ATSUSHI

NOTE: BLEACH 15th Opening Theme

Credit: link


Tooku e itte shimau mae ni tsutaenakya to omoinagara
Kyou mo sugiteyuku jikan
Waraiatte sukoshi muneitamete

Harukaze ga fuku yoru "Hanaretakunai naa" tte
Sonna koto wo omotte nanka yokei ienakunatte
"Ashita ne" tte sayonara shite
Hitori aruku namiki no shita de
Futo omou, yume no ato

Maiochiru hanabira hirahira
Kokoro no sukima surinuketeku
Sunao ni nannakya
Donna itami ga mata boku no kokoro osottemo
Tozasareta doa no mukougawa wo mi ni iku kara

Marude seihantai no futari...
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posted by animelover97
Rina Suzuki (Drums & Vocals)

Born: August 21, 1991

RINA, the youngest among the group and serves as the drummer. A girl that always has a smile painted on her face when performing – hiển thị that performing and âm nhạc is nothing but love. She’s also a cheerful and bubbly person as seen in their live interviews with the reactions she shows. Also among the 4 of them, she is the most active in their blog, making sure that những người hâm mộ is always updated to her and the group.


• Can also play the piano. Been playing it since she was 3 years old.
• Knows how to cook.
• Has two sisters and a smaller...
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posted by simrananime
• Những người bạn with Stereopony.
• Những người bạn with Oreskaband.
• HARUNA and MAMI both loves Dragonball.
• HARUNA and MAMI tend to tap their left leg and lung lay, swing their guitars in the same rhythm while playing songs.
• HARUNA and RINA went to see a Prince of quần vợt musical (TeniMyu).
• Loves Bleach, One Piece and K-On!.
• Studied at Caless Vocal & Dance School. Met at the main branch at Osaka.
• They all like guys with an "S-Type" personality.
• They spent only a năm and a half (from mid-2006) learning to play their respective musical instruments before they started performing on a regular basis.
posted by animelover97
Scandal was formed in August 2006 bởi four high school girls (HARUNA || Vocal & Guitar, TOMOMI || âm bass, tiếng bass, bass & Vocal, MAMI || đàn ghi ta, guitar & Vocal, RINA || Drums & Vocal) in Osaka vocal and dance school. Shortly thereafter, they started performing đường phố, street lives every weekend at Shiroten in Osaka lâu đài Park. Their popularity steadily began to grow and they started getting offers from các câu lạc bộ in Osaka and Kyoto. They are Proclaiming themselves as "The Most Powerful Japanese Girlie Pop Rock" Scandal is very energetic, mostly due to the fact that Ono, the eldest and leader of the band, shares...
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Earlier this month, pop-rock band Scandal announced that they would soon be releasing their 10th single, “Haruka“, which will also be used as the theme song for the upcoming 3D animation, “Tofu Kozo“.

Recently, they unveiled the covers for the single’s three different editions and its track list.

The tiêu đề track “Haruka” is đã đưa ý kiến to capture all the emotions and troubles bạn feel between your first encounter with your loved one and your breakup. It contains a positive message, which assures the listener that all those troubles leading up to the breakup would eventually result in a...
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posted by animelover97
Tracklist - Queens are trumps-Kirifuda wa Queen- bởi SCANDAL

Queens are trumps - Kirifuda wa Queen

Album · 26 September, 2012 · 12 tracks

Tracklist :

1.Queens are trumps

2.Taiyou Scandalous (太陽スキャンダラス)

3.Pin Heel Surfer (ピンヒールサーファー)

4.Rock’n Roll

5.Bitter Sô cô la (ビターチョコレート)

6.Kill the virgin

7.Koe (声)

8.Rising Star

9. Bright

10.Welcome home


12. Right Here
posted by animelover97
Tomomi Ogawa (Bass & Vocals)

Born: May 31, 1990
Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
Blood type: A
Height: 157 cm

TOMOMI, the âm bass, tiếng bass, bass and writer of majority of their songs. Like HARUNA, she also dreamed of becoming a dancer but rock n’ roll opened a new path. Her dancing skills can be observed while performing with her amazing and graceful movements despite the fact that she is carrying a huge bass. TOMOMI has a very sweet and kinda “chipmunky” voice that is easy to like, together with HARUNA, their voices becomes a very perfect combo. She’s also the one that usually leads in solo parts of their...
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Aisouwarai no day's
Sawagu shoudou to kodou

Kagami no mae okiniiri no sutairu wa So Cool
Afureru jealousy kechirase

Nenjuumukyuu 1000% tình yêu me monku wa No No
Watashi wa watashi kimagure na suiitsu
Sore de ii jan?

Oh yeah
Ai wana yuu
Koukai suru bạn na ikikata wa shinai no Queens
Ai wana yuu
Onna datte asobareru yori asobitai
Ai wana yuu
Aishou mo sainou jibun migaki no shootaimu
Ai wana yuu
Anata dake no kirifuda ni shite yo Ready?

Akiaki shichau
Uwasabanashi riaru talk me?

Kizukanai nante arienai
Ano ne Baby
Kitai sasetemo uragiranaiwa

Ifuudoudou 1% liar fuan mo...Oh Shit!
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The Japanese pop culture convention AM2 announced on Friday that it will host the Japanese band Scandal as musical Guests of Honor at its July 1-3 event at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

Scandal is a four-member girl band which has performed several anime theme songs, including the 10th Bleach opening theme, the fourth Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ending theme, and the một giây ngôi sao Driver Kagayaki no Takuto ending theme. The band also performed three songs for the 2010 anime film Loups-Garous, which featured animated versions of the band's members onscreen.

Attendance at the buổi hòa nhạc is free, but những người hâm mộ who purchase a "Passport" can bypass lines throughout the convention.