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posted by BlondLionEzel
Rozen...where do I start?

#1: He wants his daughter back, so he brings life to búp bê and makes them fight. That's so cruel! Why not just make your daughter immortal like yourself?

#2: He created things just to fight. Call me a Hippie, but I think that they shouldn't be forced to fight just to be some weirdos daughter.

#3: Rozen clearly wants the rest to die. Why not keep the losers alive? They deserve to live!

#4: In the words of Optimus Prime, "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings". These búp bê are sentient, and they deserve he freedom to live!

Sorry. I just needed to vent some anger.
posted by Shinkyouku
Personally, I like Rozen Maiden very much and it is probably one of my yêu thích anime. The story and the plot itself is very interesting and perfectly designed. The art is good, and the characters are very well-developed as the story goes on.
Rozen Maiden released 2 seasons: "Rozen Maiden", and "Rozen Maiden; Traumend."
According to the latest news, Peach-Pit might release a new sequel to RM, intitled "Rozen Maiden Season 3."
I am very happy that Rozen Maiden will continue, it really needs a sequel because the last episode of Traumend keeps bạn attracted and makes bạn want more.
It is very sweet that Rozen Maiden is still kept in mind even though a few years have passsed, it really is a great anime and I am sure season 3 will come out just as good hoặc even better than the other seasons.