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 Ron and Hermione
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Some of these are canon illustrations, others are illustrations of fanfiction, but all are Romione so I'm happy!
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Harry Potter
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Ron buried his head in his hands. Why didn't Hermione just listen when I đã đưa ý kiến that we should go to St Mungos? he thought. Her screams pierced his heart, sharper than swords piercing the flesh.
"Ron!" he looked up and saw Harry and Ginny running towards him. Ginny enveloped him into a tight hug "Its going to okay Ron. Hermione will be okay." He wanted to cry, he wanted to scream. The only time Hermione screamed like this was when..
He tried not to think about it. Harry sat tiếp theo to him and gave his arm a reassuring squeeze.
His parents; Molly and Arthur arrived next. Molly burst into tears and...
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 The trio
The trio
I always think of songs to do with Harry Potter couples. Major DH and HBP spoilers

Harry and ginny:
This is how it goes bởi PINK- I think this is good for them because its about a girl who likes a boy (ginny and harry) but the boy is going out with someone else(Harry and Cho). The girl(ginny)is saying that the boy will never meet a girl better than her (ginny).

Ron and Hermione:
When your gone bởi Avril Lavigne- This is based around when Ron leaves Hermione in DH. Its from Mione's POV and it's abut her feelings and how she misses him.

Draco and Pansy:
Fly on the tường bởi Miley Cyrus- Its about how Draco...
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