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Fan fiction by GlitterPuff posted hơn một năm qua
fan of it?
The discreet smell of gasoline and oil and metal blown everywhere, yup, there had definitely been a terrible accident. I walk around, rummaging through the dust and burnt wood pieces, looking for past memories. I found some pictures of my family, but some people were burnt out. I recognized some people, my aunt Opal, my uncle Ike, and my sister Zulia. My mom’s and dad’s faces were burned out of the picture. I put the picture in my bag and continued to look around. bởi then, the flames died down and I could continue my tìm kiếm farther.
    I found some thêm pictures, but none of them with my parents. I recognized a few thêm people, my grandma Clover and my grandpa Peter. When I could not find any thêm items, I left the area and walked off. As I reached my house, my neighbor came up to me.
    “It will be OK Azelia,” he said. I sniffled a little and walk inside my house. It was hard to lose my family, but even harder to know someone murdered them.