1. He writes proper heartfelt âm nhạc that reaches into the soul.

2. He is in most peoples eyes the perfect Edward Cullen. who else could fill that roll as well as Rob? He has the voice, the hair, the height, the face shape, etc.

3. Even when just visiting a cửa hàng & looking scruffy, Rob still looks hot as ever!

4. "When I find that perfect girl, do bạn know what i'm going to do? I'm going to write her 100s of tình yêu letters" enough said!

5. He has a good sense of humor and comes out with some downright hilarious quotes; "I'm just a big, hard tool."

6. He's multi talented; he can play guitar, sing, play piano, act. is there anything he can't do!?

7. He's still young; yes girls, there's still a chance ;) haha.

8. He đã đưa ý kiến if someone just walked up tp him and started talking about something interesting he'd probably start fancying them! lets track him down!

9. He is a genuine person and isn't afraid of hiển thị his các lượt xem and what he believes in.

10. He is the perfect gentleman like in an old fashioned story. Someone who would treat bạn with respect no matter who bạn are! Plus, he's very modest about himself. He doesn't think he's better than bạn hoặc I.