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posted by LOLerz25
Lalala, lalala, lalalalala, Ohhh (You know I never felt like this before)
Lalala, lalala, lalalalala, Ohhh (This feeling's like so real)

[verse 1:]
I'm obessive when just one thought of bạn comes up
And I'm aggressive just one thought ain't close enough
You got me stressing, incessantly pressing the issue
'Cause every moment gone bạn know I miss you
I'm the câu hỏi and you're of course the answer
Just hold me close boy 'cause I'm your tiny dancer
You make me shaken now, I'm never mistaken
But I can't control myself, got me calling out for help

S-O-S please someone help me
It's not healthy...
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posted by Fangirl99
Rihanna A Girl Like Me Lyrics

Some girls play the game
They all walk and talk
And they dress the same
Nothin' New To Say
Don't they realize
That it's so easy to see
Right though there disguise
Makes me wonder why
When the whole worlds turnin left
It's when I'm goin right
I need someone to let me be
Just who I am inside

`Cause a girl like me
Is just a lil' different from all the rest
And a girl likes me
Never gonna settle for một giây Best
Could it be a boy like you
That would give me anything
If I asked him to
To take all my dreams
And Make them true
Show me all the reasons that you
Ought to be with a girl like me
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posted by avatar_tla_fan

Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump...

Tell me that bạn tình yêu me when bạn know bạn don't tình yêu me
But I guess I guess I guess it's all good
You can play the game, I'ma still do my thing
Ain't no better way for it to be put
When bạn fuck them other girls I bet they be wondering
Why bạn always call my name
You think I'm gonna wait around
I ain't got all day

You don't need another lover
Don't bạn let it go
I already got it covered,
Let the others know

If bạn want it let's do it
Ride it, my pony,
My saddle is waitin',
Come and, jump on it
If bạn want it let's do it
Ride it, my pony,

My saddle is waitin',
Come and,...
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posted by GaGaBoi
Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (A yeah, yeah, yeah)
A yeah, yeah, yeah (A yeah, yeah, yeahhh)
A yeah, a yeah, a yeah, yeahhh
A yeah, a yeah, a yeah, yeahhh

They can say whateva
I’ma do whateva
No pain is foreva
Yup, ya know this

Tougher than a lion
Aint no need in tryin’
I live where the sky ends
Yup, ya know this

Never lyin’, truth tella
That Rihanna rain just won’t let up
All black on, black hàng đầu, đầu trang shades
Black hàng đầu, đầu trang Mayyybach

I’ma rock this shit like fashion hasn’t
goin’ til they sayyy stop
And my, đường băng never looked so clear
With the hottest chó cái, bitch in heels right here

No fear,...
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posted by lovegicci
xin chào NOW HERE IS THE REAL ME: xin chào THE THING
đã đưa ý kiến TO WRITE


xin chào I HOPE U LIKE ME AND WOULD người hâm mộ ME SO BYE(:
Rihanna has admitted that she likes her men to be gifted in the downstairs department. The 23-year-old S&M singer đã đưa ý kiến that she is a sucker for a large package, but confided that she is also attracted to 'sweet' men. Asked bởi US Cosmopolitan magazine how she likes blokes, she joked, "Hot and hung, but sweet will do." "I'm turned on to a guy bởi different things," she continued. "It could be the way he looks. It could be his intelligence. It's really a spontaneous thing." She also revealed that she is like a man when it comes to dating. "I'm open to tình yêu but guys should have to earn it because the một phút they get it, they want something else," she explained. "Men are like hunters, they like the chase. So bạn have to keep them guessing. "Actually, I'm like that too. I get bored very quickly. So if someone can make me laugh, that's the best."
Rihanna SCARED WHEN STAGE CAUGHT ON ngọn lửa, chữa cháy

Fire broke out on stage!

Rihanna's LOUD Tour had to take a break when the stage caught ngọn lửa, chữa cháy during her song “California King Bed.” RIRi exited the stage when fireworks started raining down......

A video đã đăng on YouTube shows a ngọn lửa, chữa cháy burning at the hàng đầu, đầu trang of the stage at the American Airlines Center, with some sparks falling toward the floor. Everyone had to be evacuated.

Rihanna đã đưa ý kiến via Twitter:

“DALLAS!!! We set the stage on FYAH tonight!!! LITERALLY!!! I’m so (mad), I was havin so much fun wit yall too!!! I gotta come back man!!”

According to...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan

Wherever you're going
I wanna go
Wherever you're heading
Can bạn let me know
I don't mind catching up
I'm on my way
Just can't take the thought of bạn miles away

And I know you're going somewhere to make a better life
I hope that bạn find it on the first try
And even though it kills me
That bạn have to go
I know it'll be sadder
If bạn never hit the road

So farewell!
Somebody is gonna miss you
Somebody is gonna wish that bạn were here
That somebody is me

I will write to tell bạn what's going on
But bạn won't miss nothing but the same old song
If bạn don't mind catching up
I'll spend the ngày telling...
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Rihanna has been once thêm turned to wax!

Madame Tussauds unveiled its latest replica of Rihanna at its Berlin, Germany museum. The only issue? Its outdated hairdo.

Riri has been seen sporting auburn curls lately, but her wax figure still has her fiery red hair. The outfit bạn may remember from her video, "Who's That Chick?" .

This is not the first time Riri was made into wax. Madame Tussauds museum in Washington, D.C. also has a wax RiRi.
Another day, another reminder.
That you're not here with me.
I watch the snowflakes falling from the skies.
I get Mất tích in memories.
The time we try to build a snow man.
The time we try to count the stars.
It's crazy how we didn't know that.
That we'd ever be apart.

I can hear the âm nhạc playing.
See the lights upon the tree.
I can feel the joy in every soul.
But for me it's incomplete.
And i try my best to play the part.
But no matter what i do.
No, it just don't feel like christmas, without you.
Youuuuuu, you, you. No.

Verse Two
Another tear, another regret boy.
That your so far away.
Can't believe it was...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
"Drunk On Love"

I feel like I'm a hopeless romantic
I can't help falling in love
I fiend for love
I want it, I crave it
I just can't get enough

Take me away
I wear my tim, trái tim on my sleeve
Always let tình yêu take the lead
I may be a little naive, yeah

You know I'm drunk on love
Drunk on love
Nothing can sober me up
It's all that I need, yeah

I've been let down
But never been tainted
So I stay thirsty for more
No I won't hold back
No drop is wasted
I'll let tình yêu run its course

Take me away
I wear my tim, trái tim on my sleeve
Always let tình yêu take the lead
I may be a little naive, yeah

You know I'm drunk on love
Drunk on love
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Singer Chris Brown wants to put an end to the restraining order that keeps away from his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Singer maintains this order prevents exercise of their profession with normality.

21 Years old singer was sentenced to five years probation and six months of community bởi assaulting Rihanna in 2009. He has now requested the withdrawal of the order, which does not allows bạn to be less than 100 metres from Rihanna.

The singer, Mark Geragos counsel requested hủy bỏ a hearing judge to revoke the order after the end successfully 52 weeks of therapy against domestic violence.

Gonna win it no limit, strong women we are
Gotta win it no limit, strong women we are
Gonna win it no limit, strong women we are
Gotta win it no limit, strong women we are

Where them girls at (Girls at)
That like to be in charge
When the heat get too hot, they just keep turnin' it up
Never let ‘em cheat-sheet, they just sweat, gotta go hard
Where those winning women thats really willin to take it off!
Where them girls at (Girls at)
That like to be in charge
When the heat gets too hot, just keep turnin' it...
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(Uh huh, uh huh) Remix
(Uh huh, uh huh) Yea Rihanna, Chris Brown
(Uh huh, uh huh) Good girl gone bad
(Uh huh, uh huh) Take three... Action!
(Uh huh, uh huh) Hov!

No clouds in my stones
Let it rain, I hydroplane into fame (Eh, eh, eh)
Coming down with the Dow Jones
When the clouds come we gone
We roc-a-fella (Eh, eh, eh)
We fly higher than weather and G5's are better
You know me, an anticipation for precipitation
Stacks chips for the rainy ngày (Eh, eh, eh)
Rain man is back with little miss sunshine
Rihanna where bạn at?

You had my heart
We'll never be worlds apart
Maybe in magazines but you'll...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
"No tình yêu Allowed"

911, it's a critical emergency, yeah
Better run run run,
Come and charge him with the 143, yeah yeah
Told me this world was mine
Such a beautiful lie
Now he's done done done and his tình yêu is no thêm for me
Hand in the air as he wave me goodbye
He đã đưa ý kiến he care but no tears in his eyes
And ask me if I'm alright
Nigga is bạn blind

Like a bullet your tình yêu me hit me to the core
I was flying 'til bạn knocked me to the floor
And it's so foolish how bạn keep me wanting more
I'm screaming murderer, how could bạn murder us
I call it murder, no tình yêu allowed
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah;
Yeah yeah yeah...
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On the first page of our story
the future seemed so bright
then this thing turned out so evil
I don't know why I'm still surprised
even thiên thần have their wicked schemes
and bạn take that to new extremes
but you'll always be my hero
even though you've Mất tích your mind

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
but that's all right because I like the way it hurts
just gonna stand there and hear me cry
but that's all right because I tình yêu the way bạn lie
I tình yêu the way bạn lie
Ohhh, I tình yêu the way bạn lie

Now there's gravel in our voices
glass is shattered from the fight
in this...
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[Lil Mama]
This Is The Remix (Remix) [x4]
Last Dude Ii Put Him Under
Thought He Had A Zone
Thought Ii Had To Leave
So Ii Thought Ii Let Him Go
Mine Stand Tough In The Middle Of Snow Storms
His Only Worked In The Summer To Block Tones
Umbrella Like The Magic School Bus
Ii Put Alot Inside It
And Just In Case I Open Warm
I Put Perhaps Aside
Chances I Owe Him
Found Me A New Guy And This Is What I Told Him

You Have My Heart
And We'll Never Be Worlds Apart
May Be In Magazines
But You'll Still Be My Star
Baby Cause In The Dark
You Can't See Shiny Cars
And That's When bạn Need Me There
With bạn I Always Share...
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Yeah, whoa, Mario
yeah,yeah, Rihanna

Verse 1
Like a dummy threw my jeans in the closet (closet)
When I know you're the only one that's washing (washing)
So bạn found a piece of paper saying Tasha (Tasha)
She was working at the store
She was helping me with shopping

On the receipt that bạn found, I bought stockings
Some red high heels
But that was for my mama

Boy how could bạn lie to me? (You know I wouldn't)
Thought bạn would die for me (Baby)
I'm not accepting another apology (Girl)

After three years, girl let it go
Accusing me of shit bạn don't know
I got my bags packed standing bởi the door
When I leave,...
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Please don't stop the âm nhạc (music, music, music)
Please don't stop the âm nhạc (music, music, music)
Please don't stop the âm nhạc (music, music, music)
Please don't stop the âm nhạc (music, music, music)

[Verse 1:]
It's getting late
I'm making my way over to my yêu thích place
I gotta get my body moving, shake the stress away
I wasn't looking for nobody when bạn looked my way
Possible candidate, yeah
Who knew, that you'd be up in here lookin' like bạn do
You're making staying over here impossible
Baby I must say, your aura is incredible
If bạn don't have to go (don't)

Do bạn know what you've started?...
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[Verse 1]
Gotta keep it on the down low
I'll never let my mama know
Only call him on my cell phone, only see him after dark
I met him on the 6 train, just the way he đã đưa ý kiến my name
The brotha had a alot a game, had me open from the start
He scoops me up in his ride, Friday about a quarter to 9
So fly and so fine, and i'm so glad that he's all mine

There's a thug in my life, how'm I gonna tell my mama
She gonna say it ain't right, but he's so good to me
There's a thug in my life, and he's gonna cause crazy drama
I'm gonna see him tonight, I'm gonna give him everything

[Verse 2]
I know his crew is...
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