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 cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray ;)
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Faa all da cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray những người đang yêu :)..no bad commentss plz
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cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray
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This cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray (Mindless Behavior) bức ảnh might contain chân dung, headshot, and closeup.

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Ill try to make it longer.

Leah pov: I'm concerned(A/N: im skipping this to Friday and spring vacation) Niyah is not talking to anyone kyle is hidding her
feelings I don't know. I just took a vòi hoa sen and watch a little T.V oh did I mention I got that boy number his name is cá đuối, ray right now I don't know where I relationship stands but he's coming over so yeah.

Bree pov: hi I'm bree I'm 16 I'm a vampire because my family is I'm in a relationship his name is diggy he's a vampire too ok I changed so yeah.

(A/N: there is a lot of vampire and going to be vampire in this so ima use thêm were chó sói, sói in this)...
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xin chào xin chào hey, I was bored so I decided to do another part to this.
Ok anyway this is a vampire and were(spell check)wolf story.
I'm soon going to have thêm people in this so yeah let start.~~~

Niyah Pov: while leah was talking she got cut off bởi this FIIIINNNEEE boy coming in the. And let me admit I never drilled(spell check) but for this dude I did I looked away and wiped some off. I hoped he didn't see. Any im already in a a relationship he.my tình yêu he actually a 'new born' vampire I need to ask him thêm about this ill admit but I was scared as shit!!!! But I just relax I just need to tell leah...
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posted by JailynnLuv
Rayray:YN let's go
YN:OK (www.polyvore.com/party_Animal/104226296)
Rayray:wow babe
At the party they get drunk
Rayray:Hey Lexi
Lexi:let's go to the other room
Then they make out then the tiếp theo ngày Lexi calls
Lexi: Rayray I'm preggo
Rayray:Hell naw
Rayray:yesterday I got drunk and me and Lexi had sex now she preggo
YN:Get out
YN:get out
Cut bình luận if bạn want to be in a Story
Free Boys:Prodigy,Princeton and Roc
Plz bình luận now bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!