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posted by terian
keke:princeton where u going princeton;no where rayray:terian do u want to go to a club me:yeah i tình yêu to rayray;let go so we could we go me;ok rayray:oo lord that girl is find me:bae stop look at that girl the only girl u should look at is me rayray;yeah u right im sorry me:whatever cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray rayray:where is princeton me:boy do u have know where princeton stop worry about prineton rayray:get on the floor me:for what rayray;u know so i could get some that đít, mông, ass shake that đít, mông, ass terian me:u know it i will shake it keke:princeton let dance princeton;ok but i want to get on the shake your đít, mông, ass keke;ok...
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Ray: Prod stop before bạn do something you're gonna regret!
Prod: Ray!! I'm gonna be fine!!!!
Sam: cá đuối, ray maybe bạn should go with him just to be sure.........
Ray: Ok sweetie fine! Bye *kisses her*
Prod: What if I don't want bạn to come along with me!?!? No one cares what I think?!?
Ray: Nope
Prod: Uuuurrrgggghhhh!!! Fine!!!! Let's go!!!! Bye Sam
Sam: bye Prod! Bye sweetie!

Once they were out of the house-

Ray: Where are we going?
Prod: Tanya's house to get some answers.....
Ray: -__-

They drive to Tanya's house in silence

Prod just barges in and finds Tanya kissing some dude who I'm guessing is Denzel! Now...
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posted by Kaylan123
prince:princess i cant marry u hoặc have kids with u
prince:because im with chim giẻ cùi, jay nd we have two kids
princess:wat u married my friend,jay why would u keep this from me
jay:princess were sorry back then when we had the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy yall went to get my parents and me nd prince fell in love
princess:prince u give me a promise ring u đã đưa ý kiến u loved me
prince:i no but i just tình yêu jay
[princess runs nd cry]
[lee runs after her]
lee:princess im so sorry
princess:its bad enough he lied to me but he embassrass me at my own wedding
lee:i sorry
[A week later princess finds a guy named Diggy and they have kids and have a happy life]
To Be Coutined
So we're skipping a few weeks and everyone is happy and blah blah hoặc are they!!!

Tanya's house:
(She's alone with Prod and they're having a make-out session*those freaks*)

Tanya: Prod *kiss* we *kiss* need *she finally pulls away* Prod we need to talk!
Prod: Oh you're breaking up with me!
Tan: NO! I want to talk to bạn about my ex-boyfriend........
Prod: What about hi- oh do bạn still have feelings for him hoặc something?!?!
Tan: NO, no.......
Prod: Sooo....... Why are we wasting time talking about this when we could be doing better things *he leans in to Kiss her but she moves away (aukward)*
Tan: Uh....um.....Prod....I...
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posted by NyashaJ
cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray is giving Rae the death glare and he looks like he's about to slap the b*tch! Then Princeton comes and pulls him from Rae!
Prince: cá đuối, ray let's go man!
Sam: No.... Its fine I'll go because I'm the one who's not wanted at this party...and cá đuối, ray maybe its best we bre- (GCO) *Ray is kissing her right in front of Rae hehehe!*
Ray: *pulls apart* I think WE should go!

They're walking out and Rae is just standing there shocked!!! And then Roc and Geek suddenly come downstairs! Who knows what they were doing up there!

Ray: Roc we gotta go, NOW!
Roc: Why?!? This is great party and its FRIDAY!!
Ray: Cuz!...
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posted by Kaylan123
princess:yes prince
[He gives her a promise ring]
princess:thanks babe its so beautiful
prince:thanks it was worth it
bri:guys the thực phẩm is on fire
[They try to put it out]
prod:thank goodness yall put it out
roc:i thought i was goin to lose u
bri:u will never lose me
jay:my parents are goin to kill me
[Years Later Every One Gets Married except princess nd prince]
princess:prince i think we should get married
prince:i dont want to get married
princess:prince.we cant live together if were not married.i want to have kids nd have a happy life
prince:fine,if u want to get lets get married,but no kids.
[At their wedding]
peacher:does anyone think these two ppl should get married
prince:i object
posted by Kaylan123
Characters Kaylan:me Kelise:princess Brianna:bri
Roc Royal:roc
cá đuối, ray Ray:ray
After practicing for a concert
ray: xin chào baby how we do
me:yall did great
jay:how a bout we all come over my house tonite nd play some games
roc:wat game are we going to play
jay:we are goin to play spin the bottle
princess:I dont want to play that because i dont want to Kiss anyone but my boo
prince:thats boo[he Kiss her]
bri nd prod:does it really matter wat we play
jay:yeah serious guys
me:y dont we just go to th movies
posted by Kaylan123
Characters Kaylan:me Ray-Ray:ray Kelise:kelise Princeton:prince Olivia:libby Kelli:keke At my house me:U guys,how about we play a game Everyone:sure roc:wat kind of game libby:lets play spin the bottle keke:cool We spin the bottle nd it lands on prince Everyone:u have to Kiss lee He gives me a Kiss on the cheek roc:no u have to Kiss her on the lips kelise:no he dosent prince:lets just spin the bottle again The tiếp theo ngày everyone a libby house execpt lee nd prince
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Still at Sam's house

Sam: I'm not sure if my parents will allow me to go
Ray: Then ask
Sam: I'll call my mom

Phone conversation between Sam and her mom:

Sam: hi ma
Ma: xin chào sweetheart, how is the tutoring going I hope bạn two aint doing anything nasty! Because bạn know I won't hesitate to take your fathers thắt lưng, vành đai and whoop your ***!
Sam: MA!!! We're not doing anything wrong, I just wanted to know if a could go to a party with Geek and Lyric?
Ma: Sure me and your dad will be back on Sunday, tình yêu you!
Sam: tình yêu and miss bạn lots!!!!

End of phone conversation!

Geek: She đã đưa ý kiến yes......right?
Sam: Yes!
Ray: Yay...
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posted by NyashaJ
Ray: Sooo..... Ok I know I might have crossed the line with that Kiss but.....(GCO) *Sam kisses him and they go back to their passionate kisses:)! They stop for breath*
Ray: *licking his lips* Dang girl......
Sam: I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that
Ray: Its ok, I liked it so do bạn wanna be my girl?
Sam: *biting bottom lip* I'd tình yêu to but what about Rae.........
Ray: What about her?
Sam: She likes bạn and she always gets what she wants
Ray: Well I always get what I want and I want bạn not that b*tch Rae!
Sam: Really.....
Ray: YES!!! Now will bạn be my girl?
Sam: Of course!!!!
They are about to kiss...
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posted by terian
me: i when to the store cá đuối, ray ray:hey girl what your name?
me: oh my god my name is terian rayray: nice to meet bạn bạn go out me:i will tình yêu to go out with bạn cá đuối, ray ray:here my number 323-319-606 me:ok pick me up at 7:30pm cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray : no problem me: 3 giờ late it was 7:30pm cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray :knock knock door me:who is it i was come bởi door look who that knock on my door cá đuối, ray ray:it me cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray me:oh i forgot u was come cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray :let go me:what place we go to eat cá đuối, ray ray:we going eat at burger king me: ok i tình yêu burger king me:i got in burger king get a double snake cá đuối, ray ray:i want some chicken sandwich, bánh sandwich and...
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And..... He puts the papers he was collecting on the pile I had made! How stupid was I to think a guy like that would Kiss ME!! After collecting my papers I went to sit down, I sat in front of Rae, yay me:(! cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray was still standing in front of the class. Our French teacher Madame (we just call her madame because her surname is too hard to pronounce) đã đưa ý kiến someone had too hiển thị cá đuối, ray cá đuối, ray around the school and everyone was happy to do it except me, I had to study! And of course she just had to choose ME! (P.S she's actually happy she gets to do this but won't admit it!) I felt someone pinch...
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We've met hoặc characters so let's see how it all began!


Oh no another ngày of school! I wish I could just die I can't stand school everyone is so mean, I was wide awake just laying in bed, I seemed to be Mất tích in my thoughts when suddenly my alarm went off! I got my with a jump, made my bed, took a shower, got dresses went down stairs. I found my parents happily having they're breakfast with little brother, Nathan. I gave my mom and dad a Kiss each and ate my breakfast we talked about school for a while and then I went to get my stuff we were off my dad dropped me off at school. I went to...
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posted by Samyiah14
His yêu thích thực phẩm : tacos
his yêu thích color : purple
he loves mindless girls
his friend from mindless behavior is prodigy
So people want to be his one number girl
So people has his hình nền from the interet
So people go to his conert
He is so cute
People be thinking about him
All girls tình yêu mindless behavior
OMG girlz was at 106 & park and mindless behavior
I think people is going to their conert
Mindless behavior is going to be at the cáo, fox theatre so be there
People tình yêu bạn cá đuối, ray ray
people give him tình yêu and respect
Please bình luận on his tường