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 Ranma,Ukyo,and Shampoo. Akane's Dream
Ranma,Ukyo,and Shampoo. Akane's Dream
Before I start. If bạn have not seen this Ranma 1/2 OVA hoặc read the manga then please watch it here: link

Ok lets get started..

First off let me say that I think Rumiko Takahashi is amazing! She has made some of the greatest Animes and mangas to me. I have been introduced to Ranma 1/2 bởi one of my friends, Lolly4me2. I have fell in tình yêu with this anime and its characters since the first episode.

I saw Ranma 1/2 OVA episode 13 last night on YouTube and let me say that its probably on of the best episodes. The new phim hoạt hình for it was amazing. In this OVA characters from Rumiko's other animes are...
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posted by Ranma09
REMINDER PLS.:this is not a true episode at Ranma1/2 series this is only my own story!a new(actually my own character in it!)character!

Honoka peeks in...

Akane stared Honoka in a bad mood
Akane:Where's RANMA?!
Honoka:He is sleeping...O.o
Akane starts to run in Ranma's room.
Ranma tried to wake up but he was so sleepy!
Ranma:Not now Akane!
Ranma started to notice that Akane was holding an old paper..

Akane:Ranma!tell me if this is true*showing the old paper to Ranma*
Ranma:AKANE I đã đưa ý kiến NOT NOW!!!
Akane:Oh no!I am going to ask bạn THIS!(growling)

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Sneeze Me, Squeeze Me, Please Me! Shampoo's Recipe For Disaster
This one is one of the cutest episodes in the anime. Shampoo makes Ranma a special dim sum with a nấm that causes whoever swallows it to obey a command whenever a certain signal is given. Eventually, the trigger sound for Ranma becomes a sneeze, as he would hug anyone sneezing before him. Fate favors as Akane catches cold. How romantic they looked when Ranma hugged Akane!! Its one of my best Ranma X Akane moments!

The Abduction of Akane! and Ranma vs. Mousse! To Lose Is To Win
These two are in series, so I thought...
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posted by Lolly4me2
**WARNING! This has my FanFiction character in it, if you've already met her (which I doubt). If bạn hate her, thats fine. If bạn tình yêu her, your Jesus.**

Hand trembling, I sat on the bench tiếp theo to Ryoga, both with the same piece of paper in our hands. A horrifically beautiful and frilly invitation of the wedding of Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo. With tears swelling in my eyes, I faked a smile and turned to him and asked,
"Are bạn going, Ryoga?" with a similar grin on his face, he silently swung his large backpack over his shoulder.
"No," he replied. "I have to return to Akari. She waiting for...
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posted by poulamikundu
1. Nyannīchuan (Girl)
The most well-known of the cursed springs, thanks to titular character Ranma Saotome falling into the spring while training with his father. Ranma's cursed form is that of a short, red-haired girl. Even with the change, still keeps his abilities and has the same personality. The manga character Herb is also a victim of this curse.. He used the spring on a monkey so he could see what a nude woman looks like and in return, the monkey (in human form) splashed him with the water, and then used a special pail to lock him into his cursed form

2. Fūshannīchuan
A spring...
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posted by poulamikundu
Here's the first episode of Ranma1/2 , enjoy-

JIST - Ranma, raised to be a man among men, has a bit of a problem: he is half woman! While training in China he fell into a strange magic spring at Jusenkyo. Now, he is eternally cursed to change into a beautiful woman whenever he is hit bởi cold water, but that may be the least of his problems; his father has betrothed him to marry! There's never a dull ngày for Ranma as he attempts to find a cure for his curse, train to become stronger, and grapple with the fact that half of himself may be thêm feminine than his fiancée!


Opening Theme: Don't Make Me Wild Like You
Ending Theme: Let's Keep It Friends

Introdution of the Saotomes and Tendos. Akane becomes engaged to Ranma, whom she dislikes after she walks in on him in the bath. Ranma and Genma recount how the became cursed at Jusenkyo

Aired On : 4/15/89
Disclaimer: I’m not Rumiko Takahashi, and I neither own Ranma ½ nor some song lyrics in this story.
It was one ngày before New năm arrived. At the Tendos’ living room…

“Hello! Is anybody home? You’ve got mail!” – A postman knocked the door.

“I’ll get it.” – đã đưa ý kiến Ranma. The postman gave him a yellow poster that said: “You are welcomed to our Royal New năm party tonight at our restaurant! There is going to be delicious food, great games for guests, wonderful New năm Countdown, etc, and the most amazing…
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 manga pic
manga pic
I know everyone was waiting for the ngày ranma and akane admit they tình yêu eachother.which they do in the manga but ranma takes it back.Anyway my point is bạn can tell they like eachother without either of them saying it.
CLUE 1:the fist clue is ranma always blushes when she gets to close.And so does akane .
CLUE 2:The một giây clue is he saves her all the time(if he didn't tình yêu her he wouldn't save her).
CLUE 3:In the ova ep 8&9 ranma was jelous and mad at the guy akane was with in the forest.
CLUE 4:IN OVA ep 13. akane only let ranma try to Kiss her when she was asleep!!
AND LASTLY CLUE 5:When ranma was in his wierd cat mode he attacked everyone but akane.Not only that but kissed her!!!(but bạn know he forgot when he was back to normal.
SO my point neither of them have to say i tình yêu you.Because bạn can see it in there actions and faces.
 almot Kiss
almot kiss
It is most commonly believed that Anything Goes Martial Arts was founded bởi martial arts master and lecher extraordinaire Happosai during his travels around China and Nhật Bản long before the start of the series. How long cách đây is disputed as his exact age has never been disclosed. In the manga, Happosai is at least 118 and at most 230 years old (and in the anime a little over 300), with his training journey happening when he was still a young man. If this is true, then it is an toàn, két an toàn to assume that the school itself, hoặc at least its beginnings, are quite old. What is known is that, sometime...
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Akane is the shortest of the main characters, being shorter than Ranma Saotome in his male form, but about the same height as his cursed form. She has short black hair (blue highlighted in the anime) and brown eyes. At the beginning of the series she had long hair, but after it was cut off during a fight between Ryoga Hibiki and Ranma, she kept it short for the rest of the series[1].

She usually wears the girls' uniform for Furinkan High School, but has a wide variety of outfits. For training hoặc anticipated combat, Akane wears a light yellow gi and is barefoot.
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posted by poulamikundu
EPISODE 21 - near the end

SUMMARY - The Romeo and Juliet Kiss scene: Ranma is hovering above Akane trying to bring himself to Kiss her.
Akane: "Oh Romeo, do bạn really hate me that much?"
Ranma: "No, of course I don't! If I did then this would be easy."
Akane: "Then do it, Kiss me."
Ranma: "Rrr-really?"
Akane: "Can't bạn just, make believe?"
Ranma: "Akane..."
Akane pulls Ranma's face in and plants a big one right on his lips! However, it turns out that she uses tape on his mouth so that it didn't 'really' count.
Akane: "Quite a performance, don't bạn think? hehe"
Ranma: "Errgg..."
* Later on while they're...
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# 10
Am I pretty? Ranma's declaration of womanhood
One of the most famous and hilarious episodes in the whole anime, this episode is special for potraying Ranma's perfect woman-self. Everyone's reaction to girl Ranma, specially Akane's, add to the humor.

Nabiki, Ranma's new fiancé?
This episode is one of my favourite only because of Akane's
reactions on seeing Nabiki becoming close to Ranma. It was so cute, so very cute! This episode also shows that only Akane is perfect for Ranma!

I tình yêu You, Ranma! Please Don't Say Goodbye
Ranma trying so hard to make Akane remember her is undoubtedly,...
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posted by InuYasha101
i was walking down the đường phố, street bởi akane's house when i saw the fire. i ran down the đường phố, street to see what had happened. i saw akane standing bởi her burning house while her sisters tryed to cheer up her dad. i walked up and asked what happened. she told me she didnt know but ranma was still inside when she got out of the house. i looked at the house. as the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy man put cold water on the flames. i had no choice when the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy man werent looking i ran in to the burning house. looking every where for ranma. i heard something under the fallen stair case it had been burned down to the first floor. i...
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posted by Ranma09
Ranma ½ Nettohen
Episode Title    Director    Animation Director
1. Clash of the Delivery Girls! The Martial Arts Takeout Race    Kazuhiro Furuhashi    Atsuko Nakajima
2. bạn Really Do Hate Cats?    Kazuyoshi Nakamura    Asami Endo
3. This Old Gal's the Leader of of the đàn bà gan dạ, amazon Tribe!    Shinji Kouboku    Atsuko Nakajima
4. Behold! The "Chestnuts Roasting in an Open Fire" Technique    Kazuhiro Furuhashi    Masaki...
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 Midori Haruki the new fiancee of Ranma
Midori Haruki the new fiancee of Ranma
A few phút later after Akane left..Midori was finding Ranma.She did find Ranma in the trash can and ended up being invited at the Tendo household

Midori:My prince, I brought bạn some dinner!
Ranma:P-prince?Who are bạn calling your prince?!
Midori:Of course bạn Ranma!Your my dearest prince!
Everyone stared at the thực phẩm Midori brought

Soun Tendo:French food...
GenmA:And they look very expensive..

Midori:Oh no,not at all!all these just costs 500,000 yen!

Everyone gasped...
Akane:Lucky bạn Ranma bạn have a new fiancee!
Ranma argued back
Ranma:Wait,I ain't having any fiancees again!

MIdori stared at Ranma...
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A Ranma 1/2 fanfic bởi Madamhydra@aol.com

All rights and privileges to Ranma 1/2 belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Viz Communications, Inc., and

associated parties. The characters of her series are used without her permission for the purpose of entertainment

only. This work of fiction is not meant for sale hoặc profit.
All original characters are the creation of the author. All copyright privileges to these characters are reserved

for the author.

This is a continuation/ALTERNATE REALITY...
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** Okaaayyy, so. Duncan-superfan actually helped me with this one, again. **

"It was so nice of bạn to have me over," I đã đưa ý kiến as I handed Kasumi dishes and china cups.
"No problem, Sofie." Soun smiled. I stood up to take my leave when I looked at Ryoga, who was twiddling with his fingers and sitting tiếp theo to Akane. I cleared my throat loudly, but he only continued to stare at her. Akane noticed and precipitated a drop of sweat.
"Uh... Ryoga, your sister is trying to tell bạn something..."
"O-oh. Yes, sister?" Ryoga asked. I scoffed,
"Time ta' go, bro." and picked up my coat. I heard the front door...
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The same clouds smiled menacingly at me. This storm will go on forever, they said. I frowned, and turned back to Ryoga; away from the gloomy sliding door that only showed what I didn't want to see. Rain.
Ryoga sipped his trà again. "Imouto (younger sister)," he đã đưa ý kiến with a serious expression. "If bạn want to go to Ranma's, I'm not stopping you."
I blushed màu hồng, hồng a bit.
"I-it's raining."
"Take my umbrella." he sipped again.
"Are bạn kidding? That thing weighs a ton."
Ryoga smiled.
"I want bạn to go, if thats what makes bạn happy."
"What do bạn mean?" I asked, fidgeting.
"I can't quite explain it, but...
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 A very fitting picture.
A very fitting picture.
This is Ryoga's daily schedule. Remember that it's completley made-up.

6:00: Wake up, find out that I'm in a forest.
6:10: Try to find where I came from, but when failed, eat cơm, gạo cakes from trip to a shrine.
6:30: Start my trip to Tokyo.
7:00: Get lost
7:01: Find map, but it leads down to the bottom of a clif. Jump off, hoping I'm going the right way.
7:06: Realize that the cliff is very long, since I'm still jumping off of it.
7:12: Land unharmed.
7:13: Start walking through forest. Nice at first, but then I get annoyed bởi all the birds.
8:55: See building. Run in.
9:00: Turns out to be another shrine....
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The following Friday seemed like a ngày as any other. However, I walked to school smiling. I don't like school, and I never smiled, but last night made me think about something very important.
If I could only patch the quilt that is my and Ranma's friendship, his and Akane's would unravel.
Today, I felt as though that was a nasty thought, so I ignored it, even as I Akane and Ranma appeared when I turned the corner. I hid, poking my head about. Why am I this devious when it comes to him?

Akane had Ranma's cổ áo in her wicked grasp when she pulled Ranma closer. At first,...
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