ngẫu nhiên OK ngẫu nhiên question: Are bạn a Zombie?? ^^

Pick one:
OMG yea ofcourse. but not just any zombie- a dancing one! Cus this is Thriller!..
NO WAYY!!! dont tell me bạn didn't know i was a vampire.
wat theres gonna b a zombie outbreak? cos if there is im grabbing my lawnmower!!
Are bạn some kind of a BUNNY hoặc what. no i'm a sponge. who lives in a pineapple.
*picks up cell* "hi is this the lunatic asylum? yes come quickly. its urgent"
No but it must rock to be a zombie. i mean u wudnt need to get a Halloween suit!
OMG yes! yes i will marries you! (yes, even bạn zombieface.)
 LiilacLottiie94 posted hơn một năm qua
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