ngẫu nhiên What is the most ngẫu nhiên thing bạn could say at a really sad time? (Please add ur own...)

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Banana&# 39; s taste like toffee when dipped in toffee
Banana's taste like toffee when dipped in toffee
Secretly, I&# 39; m a vampire, so DON&# 39; T push me, hoặ c I&# 39; ll...
Secretly, I'm a vampire, so DON'T push me, hoặc I'll suck ur blood! MWAHAHAHAHA!!
don&# 39; t worry, the bussines monkey is here foe bạ n
don't worry, the bussines monkey is here foe bạn
Added by TDIlover226
Thats okay, Choco cat still loves you!
Added by raknaff
I am in tì nh yê u with My Chemical Romance.
I am in tình yêu with My Chemical Romance.
Added by MIKEYWAY445
&# 34; Let&# 39; s eat him/ her&# 34;
"Let's eat him/her"
Added by Galbraith
I bite you!
Added by cheerpenguin
Anyway... what's for pudding? Lets have troll brains
Added by The-Stig
IT WASN&# 39; T ME!
Added by Vikitoria
My Grandma irons diapers..cottoncandy flavor clown poo.. so go Kiss a bunnys butt
what are talking about willis?
what are talking about willis?
Added by twi
SHIRI someone broke into the Akatsuki leir
Added by zanhar1
AHAHAAHAHA!!HAHAHAHAAAHH!clowns eat dirty diapers....>:)
Added by twilight0girl
Give me a pancake
Added by XxiggyrawkxX1
Added by Whirlwind586
I like trains.
I like trains.
Added by blackrose294
Well know what happens?
Well know what happens?
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