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 Dafuq? The Dafuq face with some ngẫu nhiên girl.
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This ngẫu nhiên bức ảnh might contain quán ăn.

The Original Rejection Hotline®: 212-660-2245

Psychiatric Hotline: 973-409-3277

Santa Hotline (Not for Kids!): 772-257-4661

It Could Always Suck More!: 401-992-4050

Bad Breath Notification Number: 631-960-7187

The "Make It 18" Hotline: 772-257-4488

The "Human Resources" Hotline: 786-837-9893

Marijuana Legalization Line: 781-452-0647

How To Keep an Idiot Entertained: 401-285-0696

Outsource-A-Friendship To India: 267-436-5128

(i need to have a longer artical so... lalalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Rebecca Roll: 781-452-2079
1. Smoke a pipe and respond to each point the professor makes bởi waving it and saying, "Quite right, old bean!"
2. Wear X-Ray Specs. Every few minutes, ask the professor to focus the overhead projector.
3. Sit in the front row and spend the lecture filing your teeth into sharp points.
4. Sit in the front and color in your textbook.
5. When the professor calls your name in roll, respond "that's my name, don't wear it out!"
6. Introduce yourself to the class as the "master of the pan flute".
7. Give the professor a copy of The Watchtower. Ask him where his soul would go if he died tomorrow.
8. Wear...
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bạn get everything!! bạn teenage girls get special treatment from everyone just cuz ur girls. bạn have the power to make any guy bạn want fall for you. Girls don't get rejected and called a loser bởi guys when flirting like ever!! It's like your better than everyone and everyone gives bạn everything and all bạn can do about it is complain! Complain that bạn have it harder than guys cuz bạn pms hoặc because life is thêm comPlicated for you. Guys have to get rejected bởi girls all the time, most are super lonely in high school where less girls are, and we have to do hard manual work. Pmsing is tough...
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This is spell to turn into a mermaid I haven't tried the spell hope it works.
The spell:
1. Go into the bathroom with your favourite chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm on.
2. Get in the bathtub and sit in the tub closing your eyes softly.
3. Say this:
Magic spirits of the deep I would like a tail not 2 feet beauty be upon me cá all kinds let me see when I'm finished in the sea when I'm dry my feet return to me.
4. Dry off really fast bạn need to be completely dry.
5. Touch some water and bạn will become water that has turned out to be bubbles and bạn will get a tail but bạn do not decide the water decides the colour of the tail. Also bạn will get powers when bạn do something hard but not with in water.
Don't look at the full moon otherwise the moon will put a spell on bạn but the spell the got put on bạn will end in the mornings.
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Okay so if bạn live on the eastcoast u are probably getting used to the even if u aren't, everybody has the problem of having nothing to do when it snows but sled. So these are a few of the things that i enjoy to do.........hehe!

1. Fill balloons with water. Then leave them outside overnight.............yeah i'm this stupid. The tiếp theo day, cut the balloons off and bạn got.........AN ICE BALL!! (i usually make like 15) Then use them to pay dodgeball. This is especially fun to do in deep snow, when bạn can barely di chuyển as it is. Technically, u could use them to do various things,...
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1. Men like to barbeque. Men will cook if danger is involved.

2. Men who have pierced ears are better prepared for marriage. they’ve experienced pain and bought jewelry.

3. If bạn buy your husband hoặc boyfriend a video camera, for the first few weeks he has it, lock the door when bạn go to the bathroom.

4. Most husbands’ hoặc men’s early films end with a scream and a flush.

5. Be careful of men who are bald and rich; the arrogance of “rich” usually cancels out the nice of “bald”

6. Marrying a divorced man is ecologically responsible. In a world where there are thêm women than men, it...
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1. Know how to make bạn smile when bạn are down

2. Try to secretly smell your hair , but bạn always notice.

3. Stick up for you, but still respects your independence .

4. Give bạn the remote control during the game

5. Come up behind bạn and put his arms around bạn

6. Play with your hair .

7. His hands always find yours .

8. Be cute when he really wants something.

9. Offer bạn plenty of massages

10. Dance with you, even if he feels like a dork .

11. Never run out of tình yêu .

12. Be funny , but know how to be serious

13. Realize he's being funny when he needs to be serious

14. Be patient when bạn take...
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