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posted by ivoryphills
I am a teenage girl.
The world I was brought to when I had hit the big "1-3" are supposed to be the best years of my life, right? Why am I fed this lie? Everywhere I turn, there is nothing but torture and conflict with no solution. I am expected to be a kid- do your chores, mind your authority- and yet, I have to be an adult- care for your younger siblings, finish this task bởi Friday. Why must I obey like a child without all of the benefits of a childhood, and why must I take my responsibilities like an adult without all of the freedom like an adult? Worse yet, as I am a teenage girl/woman/whatever...
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posted by Insane4ever
1.the power to turn invisible when no ones looking
2.power to see through opened doors
3.power to give someone a orgasm bởi looking at em
4.power to turn into a bug but not turn back
5.power to teleport 1 inch
6.power to open unlocked doors with your mind
7.power to run into walls out of control
8.power to remove your brain but not put it back
9.power to crap chairs
10.power to say things twice
11.power to talk backwords
12.power to make wrong các câu trả lời on các câu hỏi n tests
13.power to see a brick infront of your face when there is none
14.power to laugh at a banana
15.power to make a monkey pee on you

thank bạn for reading....there will be more....i did not think of most of these....i đã đưa ý kiến all i wanted now bye n hope u get this powers.....

P.s. Could bạn người hâm mộ this if u like it...theres a green button somewhere near the begining please i need at least one of my các bài viết to be somewhere at the top.....thanks anyway u người hâm mộ it hoặc not
This prank doesn't need anything but a friend who understands dirty jokes and yourself.

You: Okay, say the word 'addicted' every time I pause, alright?
Friend: Okay.
You: Money...
Friend: Addicted.
You: TV...
Friend: Addicted.
You: Candy...
Friend: Addicted.
You: Hitting people in the face with an iron...
Friend: ...addicted...

By this point bạn need to come up with several different others to get them to barely even notice what they're "addicted" to.

You: Soda?
Friend: Addicted...
You: What hit bạn in the face last night?
Friend: Addicted...

The look that will come over their face will be absolutely priceless.
Try it out!

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posted by happygirl22
Hi! Today i'm going to tell bạn facts about strawberries. I hope bạn find these very interesting. Well,lets get started!!!!! :D

Did bạn know?

There is a legend that strawberries were named in the nineteenth-century bởi English children who picked the fruit, strung them on cỏ straws and sold them as "Straws of berries". Another theory is the name was derived from the nineteenth-century practice (ands still today, although most farms use raised beds, enclosed in plastic) of placing straw around the growing berry plants to protect the ripening fruit. But the most widely held view is that the...
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Ok I noticed a lot of các bài viết about things guys should know about girls. Well half that stuff would make tomboys/skaters like me cú đấm themselves. Well here's some ngẫu nhiên useful stuff
1) do not ever call us "cute" names in front of our friends. Like calling us babe hoặc something is ok, but think about what we can't call bạn bởi your friends.

2) if we're your best Những người bạn and bạn go out with a hyper girly girl, we only pretend to be happy for you.

3) if bạn go out with another tomboy hoặc skater hoặc emo, there's a good chance we are happy for you, but we secretly want bạn thêm than bạn know.

4) we don't...
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