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 LoL- So True!
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LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại
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1. Write a new bài viết on this website
2.Draw a snow wolf
3.Go to the thư viện
4. Call a friend and go on a walk with them
5. Have a dance party
6. Listen to âm nhạc and "scream sing"
7. Clean your house (That might get boring though)
8. Paint Your room
9. Go to the park
10. Call a friend hoặc two and do the yoga challenge
11. Decorate the house
12. Watch YouTube
13. Watch Những người bạn The TV Series
14. Go on Google and tìm kiếm weird things
15. Learn to juggle
16. Go to an elevator and annoy ngẫu nhiên people (this could get bạn kicked out but its super fun)
17. Go shopping
18. Go skating
19. Play a board game
20. Sleep!
21. Bake food
22. Exercise
23. Read
24. Hike
25. Garden
26. Sugar Cookies
27. life size kẹo land
28. Paint snow
Google translate
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