Dunedin, New Zealand.

Lewis: This assignment is tougher than any of us expected.
Derek: Yes, I agree. Thankfully, we still have enough ammunition to last us a couple of days.
Lewis: But what if her men attack us again? First they kill a dozen of American tourists, then two men from ASIS. How much longer is this going to happen?
Derek: I don't know. One thing's for sure, we're going to need help.
Lewis: Okay. Look outside, and keep guard while I call our superiors.

London, MI6 Headquarters.

MI6 Operative: *Walks to a man sitting behind a desk* Sir, Agent's King, and O'Rourke on the white scrambler.
MI6 Boss: *Picks up a white phone* Yes?... I'm afraid we've not enough men to help bạn out. bạn two are on your own, unless we can get someone from the United States to help bạn out...Yes, I can call them. What's that agent's name again? Lightning? An odd last name, but I will ask for him. Good luck gentlemen. *Hangs up*

Back in Dunedin.

Lewis: *Smiling* He's calling for Johnny Lightning right now.
Derek: Good. After the help he gave us against ISIS, I know we can get through this with him bởi our side.

Opening Credits Song: link

Johnny: *Sits down looking at a screen. He sees a wanted sign on it for a bad guy. He nods and gets up*

Johnny Lightning

Johnny: *Looks at his watch, and presses a red button activating it*

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Johnny Lightning

Johnny: *In a parking garage. He starts to run as he selects the 1958 Plymouth Belvedere. Once he selects it, he jumps into mid-air making the car automatically appear with him in it. He drifts left out of the parking garage*


ISIS Members: *Walking together with AK47's*
Johnny: *Runs out from a building behind them, and bashes their heads together*


Johnny: *Jumps out of a helicopter with a parachute. After a few seconds, he deploys it, and slowly goes down towards a rooftop*


Johnny: *Slides down towards a gravestone with an M14, and fires five bullets*


Johnny: *Combing his hair, and then cleans the lenses of his glasses*


Johnny: *Running on a boxcar. He jumps on a gondola, doing a front roll once he lands. He grabs a guy in a black coat, and punches him three times, then throws him off*


Commander Kane: *Sitting behind his bàn with his feet on them*

Jack Nicholson as Commander Kane

Johnny: *Drives back into the parking garage. He stops the car, gets out, and hits the red button. His Plymouth Belvedere disappears, going back into the watch*

Port Chalmers

Johnny: *Driving his green 1970 Mustang*

Episode 7: A Is For Antagonist

Special Guest Stars

Jeremy Clarkson as Lewis King
Rhys Davies as Derek O' Rourke
Misanthrope86 as Ms. A

Narrator: I arrived in New Zealand to help out some good Những người bạn of mine from MI6. They were sent to Dunedin to find a terrorist squad, but they underestimated their leader. I had to drive thêm than ten miles from Port Chalmers to make it to my Những người bạn from England.

Down in Dunedin, Derek kept looking out the window.

Lewis: Do bạn see anything?
Derek: I don't see anyone. Hold it. *Looks up at a rooftop* There's a sniper. He's pointing his gun towards us, but I don't think he's spotted us. Oh no.
Lewis: What?
Derek: Johnny's getting towards him.
Johnny: *Stops his car tiếp theo to the building where the sniper is, and steps out*
Sniper: bạn try to avenge those tourists, and bạn Brits are dead. *Cocks his rifle*
Johnny: *Hears the rifle* Where did that come from?
Sniper: I know bạn two are somewhere.
Derek: Johnny's taking cover inside one of the buildings.
Sniper: Ms. A, this is Rufus. I'm closing in on the British agents.
Ms. A: Let me know when bạn kill them.
Sniper: Roger that.
Johnny: *Going up a flight of stairs*
Derek: *Watching the sniper* He's diverting his attention to something else.
Lewis: bạn don't suppose Johnny's...
Derek: ...going against the sniper?
Sniper: *Spots Johnny on the stairs* Hey!
Johnny: *Shoots the súng trường out of the sniper's hands, and shoots him in the chest*
Sniper: *Falling down the stairs*

30 giây later, Johnny was walking back to his car. He made it go back into his watch, while Derek came towards him.

Derek: How did bạn know where the sniper was?
Johnny: I heard his rifle. I had a feeling bạn two were in danger.
Derek: He couldn't find us. It's a good thing bạn killed him when bạn did, otherwise my head would probably be missing. bạn should come with me indoors.
Johnny: Very well. Lead the way.

Derek took Johnny into their hideout. Lewis was pleased to see him.

Lewis: Johnny, so good to see bạn again.
Johnny: *Gives Lewis a high-five* Good to see bạn too Lewis. What have we got so far?
Lewis: These terrorist's call themselves Squadron 86.
Derek: Only because of the weapon they primarily use, the L86-LSW.
Johnny: It would be ironic if they actually had 86 members in their squad.
Lewis: 85 now that bạn killed that sniper.
Derek & Johnny: *Laughing*
Johnny: How long do we stay here?
Lewis: The both of us took out a patrol with a tank, and two cars. We'll wait here until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in another building, closer to the Pacific Ocean.

Ms. A: *Sitting behind a desk*
Terrorist 53: *Walks into the room*
Ms. A: What do bạn want?
Terrorist 53: We haven't heard anything from that sniper bạn dispatched. It's possible that they left Dunedin, maybe even went into a different country.
Ms. A: Those British Agents need to die for what they did. They succeeded in taking down one of our patrols. That was unacceptable!
Terrorist 53: Is there another assignment bạn have for me today, hoặc am I finished?
Ms. A: Come back in two hours. *Turns her laptop around, so that the terrorist can see her screen* Someone created a parody, making fun of us. We will find the creator, and murder him.

Four teenage boys were sitting on the front porch of a house. One of them was hiển thị them a video on his cell phone.

Teenager 1: After Squadron 86 killed my cousin, and his partner in the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, me and some of my other Những người bạn decided to create this parody.

This was one of the clips in the videos.

Teenager 72: *Holding an AK47* Oh look, American tourists. We're going to kill them, just because everyone else does. It's not a legit, and good reason, but we're terrorists, so it's okay. *Shoots the American tourists*
Teenager 52: *Holding two revolvers* I'm Ms. A. A is for Antagonist, because I'm unoriginal! I can't create a better name for myself.

The four boys were enjoying the video, until four Subaru's stopped in front of them.

Teenager 2: What is this?

Song: link

Ms. A: *Steps out of the cars with ten men holding L86-LSW's* You're the one that created the parody against my army. Aren't you?
Teenager 1: Uh, yes?
Ms. A: bạn will xóa it at once, hoặc else I will have my men kill you, and your friends.
Teenager 3: bạn can't do that! What's the matter? bạn can't enjoy a parody?
Teenager 2: bạn don't have a sense of humor?
Ms. A: I don't like your attitudes. bạn better apologize.
Teenager 1: For what? Something bạn did?
Ms. A: That's it. Kill them.

Stop the song. The ten men shot the four boys with their guns.

Ms. A: *Walks back to the cars with the others* Any word on those British agents?
Terrorist 79: We can't find anything so far.
Ms. A: bạn are not allowed to fail. bạn need to find them at once. There's only two of them!
Terrorist 79: With all due respect, this is a big country.
Ms. A: *Shoots the terrorist*
Terrorist 79: *Holding the wound in his arm* AH!!! bạn shot me!
Ms. A: Find those agents.

The tiếp theo morning, Johnny, Lewis, and Derek slowly made their way out of the building.

Johnny: I don't see anyone.
Lewis: I think we're the only ones on this street.
Johnny: Where do we find their leader?
Derek: She could be anywhere. No one knows what her real name is. She calls herself Ms. A.
Johnny: Ms. A?
Lewis: A is for Antagonist.
Johnny: Well she won't be antagonizing anyone when I find her. Where does she usually go?
Lewis: I think there's a spot bởi the Pacific Ocean. That's where we destroyed the convoy. We only came here to hide until the heat died down.
Johnny: I'm gonna need a car that has four seats. I know bạn Brits have high standards, but this won't be much of a pleasant ride for the person that has to sit in the back. *Looks at his watch*
Lewis: Why does he say that?

As Johnny started running, he jumped as he selected the 1970 Ford Mustang. He turned around to pick up his British friends.

Derek: I see why now.
Lewis: You're gonna have to sit in the back.
Derek: No way, I'll never fit in there.
Lewis: Well I can't fit in there either.
Johnny: Then we're gonna have to improvise.

As Johnny drove towards the Pacific Ocean, Derek was sitting in the trunk. It was open so he would have enough không gian to sit down.

Derek: I thought bạn đã đưa ý kiến we would improvise! This is much worse!
Johnny: It's either that, hoặc we tie bạn to the roof of a Karmann Ghia!
Derek: Can we please switch Lewis?!
Lewis: Uh, bạn wouldn't like it up here! The seats are very uncomfortable. *Laughing*
Johnny: That's kinda cruel.
Lewis: He owes me for that last assignment we did in Chile.

Near the Pacific Ocean, Ms. A was enjoying the view.

Ms. A: *In a room with several terrorists, looking out at the ocean*
Terrorist 49: *Walks in with a plastic container* I brought over your request from the cafe down the road.
Ms. A: Thank you. Please place it on my desk.

Johnny and his Những người bạn weren't far away.

Lewis: Now take a left onto Forbury Road, and it'll be in front of us.
Johnny: *Takes the left turn* I see them. How close do bạn think we have to be before they start shooting at us?
Lewis: I think the better câu hỏi is, how far do we have to be?
Terrorist 58: *Spots the Mustang* Open fire!! *Shooting at Johnny*
Johnny: Everybody get out and take cover!!

The three agents got out of the car, and took cover behind a building as they dodged numerous bullets.

Lewis: We're not even near the motel, and already they're trying to kill us.
Johnny: There's a motel?
Derek: Yes.
Johnny: Alright, maybe we can find another way over there without getting shot.
Lewis: No use. They have at least five people guarding the motel on every đường phố, street in this block.
Johnny: Well it's not exactly a big block, is it?
Lewis: I suppose not.
Derek: *Shoots a terrorist* We better di chuyển now before thêm of them get towards us.

Meanwhile, inside the motel.

Ms. A: What do bạn mean they're here?!?!
Terrorist 16: The two British agents have a 3rd person helping them out.
Ms. A: Who the hell is this 3rd person?
Terrorist 16: I don't know, but if he helps them take out all of our men in this sector, we will need to send someone to get backup from Mosgiel.
Ms. A: What if the agents kill the men we send?
Terrorist 16: Give everyone an L86, even the driver. They won't be stopped.
Ms. A: bạn better be right about this.

Johnny got towards the motel with Lewis, and Derek. They saw the group of men going to Mosgiel.

Lewis: Where are they off to?
Johnny: They might be going somewhere to get backup.
Derek: We'll take care of them. *Runs off with Lewis*
Lewis: We're going to need a car as well. Where do we go?
Derek: *Watching a lady park a Volvo 240 nearby. She turns the car off, and walks into a store* She left the key in the ignition. Let's go. *Runs off with Lewis*
Lady 48: *About to buy a six pack of Dr. Pepper, when she hears her car starting* Wait. *Turns around, and sees Derek drive away in her car* No! *Runs out of the store* Come back!
Lewis: We will!
Derek: There they are. Everyone has a machine gun.
Lewis: *Pulls out his PPK* Alright Walther, do your duty. *Fires two bullets. One hits the right back door, and the other hits it's window*
Terrorist 45: Hey, that's them!
Terrorist 28: Open fire! *Shooting at Lewis, and Derek with his L86*

Lewis and Derek ducked, as the front of the car was riddled with bullets.

Lewis: *Shoots one terrorist*
Derek: *Rams the terrorists*
Terrorist 45: *Firing at the two, shattering both windows on their doors*
Lewis & Derek: *Ducking*
Derek: We might as well stay down here.
Lewis: Get back behind them.
Derek: *Gets back behind the terrorists*

Meanwhile, Johnny was trying to find a way into the motel. Twenty five people were between him, and Ms. A.

Narrator: I didn't have enough ammo for my 45 to kill them all. I thought of a way to get my hands on one of the L86's that the terrorists had.
Johnny: *Waiting behind a Subaru*
Narrator: I went to a spot behind their cars where no one could see me, except for one person. He just had to get close enough, and I could have his gun. My only hope was that no one else would follow the one guy.
Johnny: *Uses his 45 to put a dent on the bumper of one of the cars, making the alarm go off*
Terrorist 62: Someone turn that off!
Terrorist 9: I'll go.
Narrator: I peaked around the side of the car, and saw no one else following him. An L86 would soon be mine.
Terrorist 9: *Opens the door, and grabs the key. He turns off the alarm*
Johnny: *Strangles the terrorist*
Terrorist 62: Hey! *Shooting at Johnny*
Johnny: *Uses the L86 to kill the other terrorist*


Ms. A: I heard gunfire. What's going on?!
Terrorist 39: It appears that we may have an intruder.
Ms. A: Maybe it's one of the British agents.
Terrorist 39: No. They're chasing down those four. They called us about it, but they have those two under control.

Even though they didn't.

Derek: *Hits the car*
Lewis: *Shoots the driver, and the terrorist behind him* That's it. We got them all!
Derek: Time to head back, and help Johnny. *Drifts while doing a u turn*
Terrorists: *Firing at Johnny*
Johnny: *Taking cover behind a rock to the left of the parking lot. He returns fire, and kills five terrorists*
Terrorist 21: He lấy trộm, đánh cắp an L86 from one of our guys.
Terrorist 54: And he also has a súng colt, con trăn, colt 45.

Song: link

Ms. A: *Storms out of her office* What the hell is happening out here?!
Terrorist 68: They found the intruder outside. He's bởi the parking lot.
Ms. A: Then kill him!
Terrorist 68: He has taken cover behind a rock. If we get too close, he'll kill us.
Ms. A: Find some grenades, and throw them towards the intruder.
Terrorist 75: Yes ma'am. *Runs off to fetch grenades*
Johnny: *Shoots the terrorist*
Terrorist 75: *Falls down the stairs, and breaks his neck*
Johnny: I got 50 bullets left, and 28 for the 45.
Terrorist 68: I don't like the way this is going.
Ms. A: I'm grabbing my gun, and I'll be right back. *Runs off to fetch her gun*
Johnny: *Shoots three thêm terrorists, having them killed*
Ms. A: *Walks into her office, and opens a drawer. Her gun is a silver Beretta with a pearl grip*
Johnny: *Kills five thêm terrorists*
Narrator: Well, I used up all of the bullets in the L86, but I killed everyone. All except one.
Ms. A: *Looks at herself in the mirror* Squadron 86 will prevail. We must bring thêm terrorism to the world. Today, New Zealand. Tomorrow, the world.
Johnny: *Passes the rock, and heads towards the stairs*
Ms. A: Let's give the guest outside a surprise. *Walks to a patio, and goes down a ladder*
Johnny: *Reaches the hàng đầu, đầu trang of the stairs, and goes inside the motel*
Narrator: I didn't know she went outside, but I was prepared. Derek and Lewis weren't the only ones counting on me to kill this evil woman. There were hundreds of thousands of Americans that wanted me to kill her for what she did to those tourists. The Australians want someone to avenge those two dead agents from ASIS, and finally, there's a lot of people in England hoping for Derek, and Lewis to return safely.
Johnny: *Walks into Ms. A's office*
Ms. A: *Goes into the parking lot, and looks at the rock. She checks behind, and sees that Johnny is not there*

Inside a bathroom, a door got kicked open. After kicking the door open, Johnny walked in, and searched the stalls. All of the stall doors were open, and nobody was inside

Johnny: *Heads out of the bathroom*
Ms. A: *Walks into the motel* If he's not in this level, I'll go back upstairs, and check my office.
Johnny: *Goes outside, and walks down the stairs*
Ms. A: *Going up another flight of stairs*
Johnny: *Watches Ms. A, then heads back up the stairs*
Narrator: I could feel sweat coming out of my palms as I waited on the 2nd floor. This had to end soon.
Ms. A: *Slowly walks onto the 2nd floor*
Johnny: *Walks into Ms. A's office, and quietly closes the door. He looks at the door that leads to the patio, and opens it*
Derek: *Walking back to the motel*
Lewis: Whoa, looks like a bloodbath.
Derek: Those are Squadron 86 terrorists however.
Lewis: Johnny must have gotten his hands onto something powerful. We better keep quiet in case there's a few others.
Derek: Hold it. *Spots Ms. A on the patio* She's going back inside.
Lewis: bạn could have shot her.
Derek: What if there's thêm people in there? They could have Johnny as a hostage.
Lewis: I really hope that's not the case.
Ms. A: *Slowly moving down the hallway, checking her back during the process*
Lewis: We better di chuyển in. *Goes with Derek towards the stairs*
Ms. A: *Getting close to the door of her office. She opens it, then sees the patio door open. She begins to walk to the patio*
Johnny: Hello there.
Ms. A: *Turns to the left, and sees Johnny sitting at her desk*
Johnny: *Shoots Ms. A in the chest*
Ms. A: *Drops her gun as she holds her wound* You! bạn bloody American!
Johnny: *Shoots her six times in the face*
Ms. A: *Falls down*
Lewis: *Runs in with Derek* Johnny Lightning at his finest!
Derek: That looks very comfortable.
Johnny: I'd be thêm comfortable sitting with bạn two on a jet to London. Now that our mission's accomplished, what do bạn say we spend a few days of R&R together?
Lewis: We're taking bạn to the best pub in town, and all of the drinks are on me.
Johnny: I can't say no to that.

Song (Start at 1:04): link

The End

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