Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

A fleet of Rebel ships were close to the planet of Sullust. Inside one of the Mon Calamari ships, pilots were preparing their X-Wings. Other ships were carrying Y-Wings, and A-Wings.

Wedge: *Gives a high five to a Y-Wing* We're gonna do just fine.
Y-Wing Pilot: I copy red leader.

They both chuckled, and looked at a pilot in green.

Y-Wing Pilot: Must be one of the pilots for the new A-Wing.
Green-7: Hey. Ready to go?
Wedge: Yeah, bạn let me know how those A-Wings are. I might try one myself.
Green-7: Will do. *Climbs into his A-Wing*

The other pilots started to get in their ships. After a few seconds, hundreds of X-Wings, Y-Wings, and A-Wings were flying towards Sullust.

Wedge: No ngôi sao Destroyers in sight, but they are going to have a squadron of Tie Fighters down there. Also be careful of their turrets.
Red-9: Copy Red Leader.
Green-4: *Sees the Tie Fighters coming towards them* Here they come.

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Green-7: Allow me. *Activates speed boost, and flies in front of the pack*
Tie Pilot: *Looking at an A-Wing* What is that?
Green-7: *Shoots down a Tie Fighter*
Tie Pilot 77: A new fighter for the Rebellion. Those will be tricky to shoot down.
Green-7: *Shoots down a Tie Bomber, and fires a ngư lôi at a Tie Fighter*
Tie Pilot 83: Ah! *Turns left, but the ngư lôi is still following him*
Tie Pilot 17: Shake that missile.
Tie Pilot 83: What do bạn think I'm trying to do?! *Gets hit*
Wedge: That was quick. Let's take out those turrets.
Y-Wing Pilot: ngôi sao Destroyers incoming. They're launching thêm Ties.

Along with the Fighters, and Bombers, there was a new type of fighter from the Empire. The Interceptor.

Imperial Officer: Let's see how their new fighter is compared to ours.
Green-7: *Turns right, and fires another tên lửa at a Tie Fighter. It gets destroyed, and he starts firing at a Tie Interceptor*
đánh chặn, người đánh chặn, máy bay đánh chặn Pilot 53: Oh fuck! *Gets shot down*
đánh chặn, người đánh chặn, máy bay đánh chặn Pilot 70: Don't make the same mistake he did. Those A-Wings have a higher range than our Interceptors. Try getting behind them, then attack.
đánh chặn, người đánh chặn, máy bay đánh chặn Pilot 60: They're all over this place. How can we do that?
đánh chặn, người đánh chặn, máy bay đánh chặn Pilot 70: They can't shoot us all down.
Wedge: *Shoots down Tie Pilot 70*
đánh chặn, người đánh chặn, máy bay đánh chặn Pilot 60: Is that so?
Red-3: Good shot Red Leader.
Wedge: That was nothing compared to Green-7. Keep it up over there.
Green-7: Will do Red Leader.
vàng Leader: Our Y-Wings finished destroying the turrets. Let's take on the rest of the Ties while our frigates attack the enemy base.

As the Mon Calamari's attacked the ngôi sao Destroyers, Corvette frigates were attacking one of the Imperial buildings.

Imperial Officer 633: bạn think this is a game?!!? We need backup!!
Imperial Officer 962: We're in the middle of repairing our engines.

There were still a few Tie Fighters with four Bombers and an Interceptor.

Green-7: *Shooting a Tie Bomber*
máy bay ném bom Pilot 63: ngọn lửa, chữa cháy a missile.
máy bay ném bom Co-Pilot: I'm on it. *Fires a tên lửa at the A-Wing*
Green-7: *Shoots the missile, then shoots down the Tie Bomber*
máy bay ném bom Pilot 63: We're going down!! *Crashes into a river of lava*
đánh chặn, người đánh chặn, máy bay đánh chặn Pilot 52: I'm getting behind the A-Wing.
Red-3 & Red-7: *Shooting down the three Tie Fighters*
Green-7: *Turns around, and shoots at the Interceptor*
vàng Leader: The frigates are halfway done with their attack run. Hold the Ties off for a little longer. We're helping the Mon Calamari's take down the ngôi sao Destroyers.
Wedge: 10-4. All X-Wings, and A-Wings will protect the Y-Wings, and take down enemy fighters.

The other ngôi sao Destroyer finally arrived. Fifteen Tie Fighters were launched along with twenty bombers, and ten interceptors.

Green Leader: Red Leader, this is Green Leader. Another batch of Ties have just arrived.
Wedge: I see them. Green-7, you're doing very good. hiển thị them what bạn got.
Green-7: *Firing twelve missiles at once. They take down five Fighters, a bomber, and six interceptors.
Green Leader: Nice one. *Also fires twelve missiles at once. He shoots down seven Tie Fighters, four interceptors, and a bomber*
Wedge: Now I definitely want to fly one of those. Finish off the Fighters, then take down the bombers. Red Squadron is going to help out the Y-Wings.
Green Leader: I copy Red Leader. These guys won't be any trouble.

But a Tie Fighter was heading towards Green-7 from the left. He fired several times, only managing to hit the cock put a few times. Glass shattered as it was hit.

Green-7: My cockpit has been damaged. Bogies closing in.
Green Leader: Hold on, I'll give bạn a hand.
Green-7: *Flying towards the Tie Fighter*
Tie Pilot 77: Fuck, he's coming towards me! *Pulling up*
Green-7: *Shoots down the Tie Fighter, then turns right, heading for a bomber*
Green Leader: I'm here Green-7.
máy bay ném bom Pilot 40: *Shoots Green-7*
Green-7: *Holding his neck. His A-Wing goes down, and crashes into the ground*
Green Leader: Fuck, I was too late. We Mất tích Green-7.
vàng Leader: The frigates are done with their attack run. Back to the Mon Calamari's.
Wedge: *Activating his deflector shields. He looks down at the wrecked A-Wing* He was a good pilot, and that is a very good ship.
The A-Wing. First introduced in Return Of The Jedi in 1983. This người hâm mộ fiction is dedicated to this machine, and the pilots who flew it.