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posted by CheetahGirl5147
Well yes have these...Yes ALL of them at the same time so what I'm talking about is to hear what goes on my head when I'm really crazy hoặc hyper...So first go here BAAUER - HARLEM SHAKE - 10 giờ Loop bạn type that in Youtube then go to settings.It's the gear and click on it then bạn will see 3 options but click on the speed it says normal but change it to 1.5 then pause it then get a new tab and go to Youtube and type in Nyan Cat 10 hours (original) then do the same thing as the harlem shake except click number 2 instead of 1.5. Then bạn get a new tab again and go to Youtube and type Awesome Face Song 10 Hours and then do the same and put 1.25 then new tab and Youtube then bạn type in Super Mario Bros. Can Can [10 hours] and put it 0.5 make sure It's not 0.25 It will muck things up. So then play them all at the same time and...There bạn go! What It sounds like when I'm crazy hoặc hyper! And down there is...A picture of an example of what it LOOKS like...X3
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