1. Prank call your best friend.

2. Run around the neighborhood screaming, "I tình yêu GAY PEOPLE!"

3. Ask your parents when they first had sex.

3. Pour mayo, ketchup, vinegar, and sugar and into a cup and drink the contents.

4. Sing the first song that comes to your head in your loudest voice.

5. Scream and say, "My water bottle broke!" (I did this and many people heard it as "my water broke lol)

6. Ask your crush out then dump him/her 5 mins later.

7. Whenever someone tries to explain something to bạn say, "Why don't bạn speak thêm clearly?"

8. Run around the house in your underwear. (Recommended for guys)

9. Ask your mom why she didn't get anymore kids.

10. Tell your neighbor, "Santa pooped in your chimney."

11. Play "What Makes bạn Beautiful" to your girlfriend/crush/ex-girlfriend. (Recommended for guys)

12. Allow your partner to do your makeup while he/she is blindfolded.

13. Eat a whole packet of chips in one gulp (Don't choke yourself though!)

14. Freeze your bra/boxers.

15. Kiss the floor.

16. Make-out with your crush for 1 minute.

17. Take cheese and slap it on your crush's/best friend's face (Do this and you're dead)

18. Call your mom and say, "I'm gay/lesbian now."

19. Tie your laces together, stand up, and try to walk.

20. Tell everyone bạn struck puberty. (I did this and... >.<)

21. Pour a bucket of cold water on another person.

22. Kick your crush, then tell him/her bạn tình yêu him/her.

23. Watch porn then tell your parents you're ready to have sex :P

24. Ask a neighbor if they can lend bạn a tampon. (Recommended for ladies)

25. Steal a kid's balloon then say, "You're not a genius" 5 times.


1. Who is your latest crush?

2. Have bạn ever kissed someone of the same gender?

3. What is your crush's name?

4. What's the most embarassing moment in your life? Explain.

5. What do bạn like the most in a man's body? (Recommended for ladies)

6. Did bạn ever have a crush on your brother/sister?

7. Can bạn name all the fifty states in under two minutes? If so, do it!

8. Have bạn told your crush bạn like him/her? If not, do it!

9. What do bạn prefer in a woman's body? (Recommended for guys)

10. What part of your body would bạn want to be the best looking: hairy, legs, boobs, butt. (Recommended for ladies)

11. Who is your best friend? Do bạn have a crush on him/her? (Recommended for homos)

12. What is the biggest lie bạn ever told?

13. Did bạn ever get caught at something bạn didn't want anyone to know about? If so, what is it?

14. Can bạn say your name backwards? If so, do it!

15. Do bạn watch porn?

16. If your celebrity crush dated you, how far would bạn want them to go with you?

17. Did bạn ever have a crush on your best friend's boyfriend/girlfriend?

18. If bạn could do something that bạn can never do again, what would it be?

19. Can bạn twerk? If so, do it!

20. Can bạn count how many times bạn lied? If so, how many?

21. Do bạn like lesbos/gays/ hoặc straight?

22. What would bạn do to get your crush's attention?

23. When was the last time bạn had a boyfriend?

24. Are bạn in a relationship right now?

25. Did bạn ever fart in public?? <-- God, this had me laughing.

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