An amazing Card-Based game with so many features! Over 100 cards, bạn can meet real people online playing it, tham gia the, "Cult" faction, a faction obsessed with alien advanced modern technology. hoặc the brotherhood. a faction who doesn't stop until your enemy is dead. Destroy your opponents rocket hoặc heal completely to win! upgrade your cards, skills, armor, and weapons in this Extraordinary game. And if bạn Don't have an e-mail, just make one up. This game features "Generators" where every turn bạn get 2 kinds of points. Attack points, Which let bạn attack and do other cool stuff to destroy your opponent, and Material points, which let bạn heal hoặc use cool things to protect your rocket. So please everyone, tham gia the club, make a profile,(its free) and start battling! bạn WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!