1.Try to climb through all the rooms in your trang chủ without touching the floor
2.Find undiscovered tribes using Google Earth
3.Shave your pets
4.Knock down all the interior walls of your home, creating one large empty space. Once done, sit in the middle of the giant room and contemplate your life
5.Start a free blog on WordPress hoặc Blogger and tell the world about all your weird and dirty secrets
6.Email an ex girlfriend hoặc boyfriend and apologize for hurting them even though it’s a complete lie (just do it for shits and giggles)
7.Read a book. Use your time to learn something, for God’s sake
8.Create an upside-down room. Choose a room and take a few các bức ảnh of it. Then, invert the entire room bởi sticking all of the things on the floor up on the ceiling and vice versa. Don’t forget to invert any framed pictures. bạn will need a drill, nails and lots of glue
9.Join the Church of Satan
10.Get drunk and forget
11.Try to head butt the ceiling
12.Build a match rocket. Supersize it
13.Snort a line of coffee
14.Increase your hand-eye coordination bởi throwing phòng bếp, nhà bếp knives at the wall
15.Try to completely niêm phong, con dấu a room in your house. Once sealed, run a hose into the room and fill it with water. Swim
16.Ask a profound câu hỏi in the các bình luận box below. Wait for a response
17.Join the Illuminati
18.Learn how to moonwalk
19.Eat a cardboard box
20.Change your Facebook relationship status to the opposite of what it normally is. Wait for “friends” to câu hỏi your status
21.Dress up like a burglar and try to break in to your own home
22.Sign-up for a StreetWars assassination tournament
23.Put every single item in your house on eBay. Sell it all and go live in the đàn bà gan dạ, amazon jungle
24.Contemplate the infinite nature of the universe until bạn go completely mad
25.Write a poem of no thêm than four lines and post it in the các bình luận box below. Wait until bạn receive an honest critical response.
26.Play the drums. Hit “V” repeatedly until bạn cry
27.Create the following text hoặc email: “You are hot. I don’t want a relationship with bạn but if bạn need quick sex, I am here for you.” Send it to all of the appropriate contacts in your address book and wait for the responses to roll in
28.Try to di chuyển an object using the power of your mind
29.Buy a Predator costume (or something else equally stupid)

30.Try to make yourself cry like they do in the movies
31.Make a nest and hibernate until something interesting happens
32.Become invisible
33.Shave your head and reinvent yourself
34.Pretend you’re a construction worker and shout lewd các bình luận at strangers as they walk past your house. If they respond hoặc look flattered, invite them in for “coffee”
35.Make a giant banner advert stating something like “Free Sex Here. No Fee, No Questions.” Hang it outside a window facing the street. Wait
36.Set a new world record for the biggest matchstick model. The current record is a one-ton oilrig. Try to build something thêm interesting like Guantanamo vịnh, bay hoặc Jenna Jameson
37.Roll up a carpet hoặc rug so it looks big enough to accommodate a human body. Take it outside to your front lawn, put it down, and start digging a big hole. If bạn see a neighbor staring at you, give them a cold look and mouth the words “You’re next”
38.Buy a tiger
39.Answer serious các câu hỏi that idiots have đã đăng on Yahoo Answers
40.List 10 things that bạn hate about each of your Những người bạn and acquaintances. email them the list
41.Make an anonymous threatening letter bởi cutting out words from a newspaper. Send it to your enemy
42.Fail a series of intelligence tests here, here and here
43.Call ngẫu nhiên people on the phone and try to sell them imaginary products
44.Scream, shout and run around until bạn pass out on the floor
45.Climb inside your freezer and see how long bạn can survive
46.Explore the galaxy
47.Try to perfect the art of counting giây accurately
48.Cover yourself with fake blood and lie on the sidewalk outside your house. See if anyone gives a shit
49.Do a Google tìm kiếm for “test subjects needed” hoặc “volunteers needed” (with quotation marks). Volunteer for everything
50.Share your own boredom-killing ideas in the các bình luận box below and do yourself and the whole world a favor