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posted by Feathershine
1. Call 911 and say someone got hit bởi a car, then tell the a ngẫu nhiên address
2. Write a short story on a magical wizard named Harry
3. Get some eggs, open a window and throw them at people walking by
4. Go to your neighbors house, knock on the door, and wait till they open it. When they open it start crying and say "I'm sorry for your loss"
5. Run up to ngẫu nhiên people and give them a hug
6. Jump, and try to catch the clouds
7. Roam around the neighborhood and direct cars
8. Run in circles and if someone asks bạn what your doing say "I'm running about! What are bạn doing?!"
9. Go through your thực phẩm and when your parents come buy say "gosh, their SUCH lame shoppers, they didn't even get chips!"
10. Run around the house and scream "don't mess with me! I've got myself a laza!!"
11. When there's a flock of birds outside clap your hands and watch them fly away
12. Lay in your front yard, on your stomach and pretend your swimming
13. Take toilet paper and tepee other houses
14. Run up to someone ngẫu nhiên and scream "your the guy who lấy trộm, đánh cắp my waffles!!"
15. Two words: bumbling moron
16.take your phone dial a ngẫu nhiên number and say "is your refrigerator running? Well bạn better go catch it!!" without an answer from them on the phone
17. Get tissues turn on a ngẫu nhiên hiển thị on TV and start crying and scream "this is so sad I could just... Crumble up and die!!"
18. Be the monsta under the bed
19. Run around and say in a Mexican accent "woof woof, i am a dog!"
20. Bounce a ball against a ball, and make it as loud as bạn can
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posted by snowwolf2000
tháng of birth:
Jan: I married
Feb: I switched lives with
March: I had bữa tối, bữa ăn tối with
April: I had a sleepover with
May: I drew a picture of
June: I threw a party with
July: I stalked
Aug: I went swimming with
Sept: I walked to school with
Oct: I went trick-or-treating with
Nov: I watched anime with
Dec: I gave a present to

Day of birth:
1: a wolf
2: a werewolf
3: Bella Swan
4: Edward Cullen
5: SpongeBob
6: Squidward
7: Italy( from Hetalia)
8: Finn( from Adventure Time)
9: Marceline( from Adventure Time)
10: Santa clause
11: Mr. Krabs
12: Sandy
13: Grell( from Black Butler)
14: a banana
15: a monkey
16: a sock
17: Russia(...
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posted by TeddyGlitter

(Don't be offended bởi my constant swearing, you're on the internet for God's sake. I also call all my Những người bạn "bitches")

See that link up there? I joined that club because I think there are too many trolls on the internet. And while some trolls are just here for lols, most are very annoying and, on many cases, cyber-bullies.
Me and my cousins used to have our own group called the Invader Brigade, and this club reminds of our old group. So lets get this club up and running again! WHO IS WITH ME!?
posted by Feathershine
The Crystal Cavern

Sitting silently in the dusk, it was unbearable. My eyes closed, they were clouded with sadness and anger. It rose in me, this was starting to shape depression in my sole.

"how?" I muttered to myself while tears started to stream down my face "why did this happen?"

Snow was starting to fall. I looked up, my eyes shimmering, the snow was falling lightly and quietly upon me and I felt less anger.

 "perfect timing" I muttered coldly. Anger was still imbedded in me, but there was less. I put thrust my hands onto my face. "everything in my life is all... Dramatic"

This life was not...
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posted by Musiclover456
when buying a ring...
if bạn want a regular ring like nothing fancy and just a fake ring go for the cheapest cutest thing bạn could find
when buying a ring...
and bạn want something fancy then go with something made of solid vàng hoặc solid silver and diamonds hoặc any type of gem but as long as the gem is real don't go with it if it isn't real and then go for the most expensive thing possible make bạn boyfriend hoặc husband pay for it after words!
this is just my opinion don't go with it if bạn don't like it okay but please do try to find something that bạn like and not some cruddy piece of thuyền mành, rác rưởi, rác your husband found in a pone-shop okay go to a Jewry store hoặc something that isn't a pone cửa hàng okay
posted by samuraibond005
I am Christian, everything đã đưa ý kiến in this bài viết is my opinion and my view on this subject, I am not stating this as a fact, simply as a way to share my point of view on đã đưa ý kiến subject.
God created the heavens and the earth and all who dwell in both, except for himself of course. (God đã đưa ý kiến to Moses that he is without beginning and without end.) He created the heavens, heaven is perfect, free of sin, free of pain, a perfect world. Now it is pretty common knowledge that the bible states that all sexual relations must be between a man and a woman, making then homosexuality a sin. (Don't get me wrong,...
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my tiêu đề is my opinion so if bạn don't like it!!!!!
then leave a message
i am very lonely and would like people to be a người hâm mộ of me so i leave this message in peace

if your đọc this i'm dead, hoặc i'm just saying that so that your like it, but anyway after being attacked after my obsession with lady gaga people started to hurt me.hurt me in the heart, but they didn't care they thought it was funny.HAHA! but if your đọc this ...........................................................................then bạn have been have won a special prize! no. if your đọc this bạn have a tim, trái tim unlike those people who........who.......TEASED ME!
yours faithfully SHUTYOURFACE

PLEASE SUBSCIBE ALL OF THIS IS NOT TRUE BUT ITS RANDOM.random.rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm!
(name unknown for now)

Dear, What ever
I am new to this,but I have to try this I can't keep my thoughts in.
And I can't tell anyone so here is what I call an Intro...

Sup,My name is Zain fox.Ah,hell I'll tell bạn my full name.

Zain samuel fox

DONT LAUGH! I am goin' crazy...talking to some book.

I am a very tell bạn what I think guy.
Oh and did I tell you,I am a fucking vampire.
I am new but freakishly strong.
I don't have a girl anymore cus this stupied crave I can't control...
And no I didn't eat her,I left town and she thinks I'm dead.

But she is the most beautiful person bạn will ever lay your eyes on,and her name is Jade.
Even if I stay this thing that jerk turned me into,I will never forget my tình yêu even if I live forever.

See ya,

I feel like a girl. Stupied diary!
posted by Fangirl99
As Vanessa walked into the spooky house,she looked for Dr.Vamp.

"hello?is anybody here?hello?"

"Good evening,"a voice called out sounding a lot like Dracula.

"huh?whos that?"Vanessa asked the voice with no body.

"Turn around."called the voice

so she did,and turned to a white man with very pale skin,and red lip stick

"come,sit."said the white man,pointing to his chair.

"Hello,i am Dr.Vamp.Who do we have here?"

"My name is Vanessa Colorado,and ive been experiencing strange behavior."

"mhm,like what?"

"well,at school today,i bit someones arm"

"Did blood come out"

"a little"

"were there marks?"

" yes,tiny ones,though."...
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In a pub in cornwall there were seven people
enjoying a nice drink in the evening .
As the evening went on someone heard a glass being thrown in another room the room was empty
when people asked the owner of the pub what happend he informed them it was the regular ghost.
In years gon bởi i appeard to be that this ghost
was after the landlords daughter and because of this he got hung in the pub but his ghost remains.

(this story is true

Most people heard the Bloody Mary legend when they were children, listening to spooky ghost stories around the campfire. The tale is still told to this ngày at slumber...
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