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posted by karpach_14
Bored? Need something to spice up your day? Why not annoy the living shit out of someone bạn love? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Go to the library. Every 15 minutes, go up to the same guy and joke, "Working hard hoặc hardly working?"

2. At the dentist, start screaming as soon as bạn open your mouth.

3. Stand in front of the TV while your dad is watching a big game.

4. Every 30 phút hoặc so, call your friend who is babysitting and breathe into the phone.

5. Scrape your ring hoặc your nails on the blackboard tiếp theo time you're asked to do a problem at the board.

6. tiếp theo buổi hòa nhạc bạn go to, yell out "Mmmbop!" between every song.

7. Whenever someone asks bạn a question, say, "What?" As soon as they start to talk again, cut them off with another, "What?"

8. When someone asks to borrow paper, say, "Do bạn think paper grows on trees?" Then laugh hysterically.

9. Give yourself a really big sữa mustache at the breakfast bàn and refuse to wipe it off.

10. Send emails to your Những người bạn with subjects reading, "You're never going to believe this!!!" Then leave the message part blank.

11. Tell the same joke over and over and laugh as loud as bạn can at the punchline every single time.

12. Ask someone to borrow a tissue, pretend to blow your nose and stick it back in their pocket.

13. Put garlic powder inside the showerhead in the bathroom (after bạn take a shower, of course).

14. Anytime someone says something, respond, "Yeah, so's your mom."

15. Leave smelly socks on your brother's pillow; blame it on the dog.

16. Tell your friend's crush that she wants to marry him.

17. Break into your yêu thích celeb's house and try their clothes on. Wait patiently to be arrested.

18. Fill your mouth with Saltines, then talk to everyone at the table.

19. When someone speaks to you, flinch like they're going to hit you.

20. Pretend your Call Waiting beeps every two phút while you're on the phone. Keep checking it.

21. Put grapes inside your mom's yêu thích slippers.

22. Go to McDonald's and order lobster. After they explain that they don't serve lobster, storm out, shouting, "I should've gone to Wendy's!"

23. Approach a total stranger and ask, "Are my ears wiggling?" making no attempt to wiggle them. As soon as the person walks away, ask, "How about now?"

24. Whistle the pesky Chipmunks' giáng sinh song all day. Don't stop until it's stuck in five people's heads.

25. Tell a friend that she has something on her face when she doesn't. Keep telling her to wipe harder.

26. When bạn go to pick someone up, lean on the horn as bạn pull into their driveway. Don't stop until they're in the car.

27. When your brother hoặc sister's dates are over, break out baby pics of them "going potty".

28. Lock the passenger side car door when your friend is trying to get in. Yell, "Take your hand off the handle!" Then unlock it and lock it again when they try to open it. Yell, "Take your hand off the handle!" Repeat.

29. When the lights go out at the movies, make barfing noises.

30. Sing the wrong words to songs at the school dance.

31. Point your fingers at a friend in the shape of a gun, make a clicking sound, and say, "Take it sleazy!"

32. Request no MSG on your food-- everywhere bạn go.

33. While on vacation with your family, suddenly scream, "Did anyone remember to unplug the iron?"

34. At a party, keep telling one of your Những người bạn she has bad breath. No matter how many mints she eats, say, "God, did bạn eat tuna for lunch?"

35. When anyone says, "Can I ask bạn a question?" say, "You just did."

36. In class, keep telling your bud that her bra strap is showing.

37. Make up a joke that takes 10 phút to tell and has no punchline.

38. When answering the phone, say, "Yellow?"

39. Go to a store, buy a bunch of things, and pay for them with pennies.

40. While driving in your friend's car, insist that bạn smell dog poop. Enjoy as she sniffs around.

41. Give the person walking in front of bạn a flat tire. Apologize profusely. Then do it again.

42. tiếp theo party, go into the bathroom, steal all of the toilet paper, and listen for the cries of terror.

43. In the cafeteria, pretend bạn dropped something and bend down to get it. While under the table, tie your friend's shoelace to her chair. Then ask her to go get bạn a napkin.

44. Keep asking everyone at the bus stop, "Cold enough for ya?"

45. Tell a friend you'll tape Buffy for her, and purposefully stop taping 10 phút from the end.

46. Go to the thư viện and play your Walkman loud enough so that everyone can hear your headphones. Stay there for the entire day.

47. While someone's taking a shower, steal their towel.

48. Spend an entire ngày speaking with a really fake British accent.

49. When you're in the passenger ghế, chỗ ngồi and the driver changes lanes, scream, "Watch out for that truck!"

50. Blow kisses at everyone bạn meet at the mall.
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posted by darina25
 here is the outfit
here is the outfit
This is ubjb's mô tả of the outfit me just plane blue jens áo sơ mi thats usally black... and any comfortable clothing, i would like for my hair style a curly blond hair that is quite long... is that okay?? so i did it. i hope she likes it. it was an easy work because after i read the mô tả i knew straight away, what to draw. the jeans are dark, shoes simple and grey - they are supposed to go with the cardican- the cardican also grey with a hood. the cardican is covering a simple black t-shirt that for me Luật sư đấu trí the blond long curls. i thought there should not be any accesories needed because this is a "simple" outfit. i didn't want to make the outfit look over looked " looking a bit too much" so i hope u like u'r outfit ubjb. ( link )
posted by TeamSongz4eva

* No one can overhear your conversation
* Can get away with it while your Phone is on silent
* the use of smileys
* helps improve use of keyboard (in my opinion)
* can do it whenever
* takes the place of fone calls

* nosy peeps may read over your shoulder
* some people just dont know how to spell
* parent dont get why us teens are so addicted to this
*the person bạn texted doesnt reply till the tiếp theo day:((

ok this was my first own idea bài viết and i wanna know if bạn would still like a look inside my mind on what i think about things<33

posted by karpach_13
Be proud of your gender
Reasons why bạn shoud be proud if your a


1. Phone conversations are over in 30 giây flat

2. Movie nudity is almost always female

3. bạn know stuff about tanks

4. A five ngày vacation requires only 1 suitcase

5. Toilet lines are 80% shorter

6. bạn can open all your own jars

7. Old Những người bạn don't give bạn crap if you've gained weight

8. Your đít, mông, ass is never a factor in a job interview

9. All your orgasms are real

10. A bia gut does not make bạn invisible to the opposite sex

11. bạn can go to the toilet without a support group

12. Your last name stays put

13. bạn can kill your own...
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posted by edwardcarlisle
I saw a pick where it đã đưa ý kiến "What else should fanpop have?" created bởi breebree446. There was the option of "Unsubscribe Button". Actually this button exists, just have to follow some steps.

1. Go to your own thông tin các nhân and go down to the "My Clubs" part.

2. Then click on the "more các câu lạc bộ >>" button.

3. Below each club there's an "unsuscribe" button.

4. Click on that button and


That's it!

Now bạn have the oportunity to unsuscribe a club, is really easy and like this bạn won't be a người hâm mộ any thêm from any club!
Here is alot of ngẫu nhiên things to do when your bored, i made most of these up with friends!

1.When your in the siêu thị go up to a ngẫu nhiên stranger and whisper "I will come for bạn in the night" behind thier back

2.Stand tiếp theo to a person who is taller then bạn and shout "IM SHRINKING!"

3.Go into your local siêu thị and grab a large trái cây (watermellon ect.) and hand it to a ngẫu nhiên person and say "The fate of the world depends on your desision" then walk away

4.When your in a arioplane skip around hát "Im walking in the air!"

5.The tiếp theo time your in the lift grin and say "I've got new socks...
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posted by boomerlover
Yo Mama So Stupid I told her drinks were on the she went and got a ladder...

Yo mama's so fat, the shadow of her butt weighs 50 pounds.

Yo mama so stupid when she saw the NC-17 (under 17 not admitted) sign, she went trang chủ and got 16 friends.

Yo mama so stupid when your dad đã đưa ý kiến it was chilly outside, she ran outside with a spoon.

Yo mama so stupid she got locked in a grocery store and starved!

Yo mama so stupid she took a ruler to giường to see how long she slept.

Yo mama so stupid she lấy trộm, đánh cắp free bread.

Yo mama so skinny she hula hoops with a cheerio.

Yo mama so skinny she turned sideways and...
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posted by bubblegumm16
1) She walks away from bạn mad *follow her*
2) She stares at your lips *kiss her*
3) When she pushes bạn hoặc hits bạn *grab her and don't let go*
4) When she brushes your hand *grab hers*
5) If she's cold *give her your jacket...or hold her*
6) If she don't talk to bạn first *go talk to her*
7) When she goes to her Những người bạn house *prank call her*

1) If he pokes bạn *get closer*
2) If he want's a guys night out *don't complain*
3) If he doesn't text back *don't jump to conclusions*
4) If he doesn't say anything *don't think he doesn't care*
5) If he's ticklish *he's a keeper*
6) If he lets bạn wear his clothing *he likes bạn in his stuff*
7) If bạn are tired of waiting for him to make the first di chuyển *make it yourself*
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