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For former husbands, former boyfriends, and divorced dads....

Putting them to death through various forms of execution:
Heavy artillery including tên lửa launcher
Battle tank
Cutting/chopping off their heads
Snapping/breaking their necks
Blood Death Punch
Slicing them in half hoặc in pieces
Punching their heads off
Flamethrower to set them ablaze
Ripping off their lower jaw/jawbone
Stomping in their heads and chests
Ripping out their spine/spinal cord
Etc. 😎😎😈😈👍👍

 For former husbands, former boyfriends, and divorced dads....
 Mike88Al27 posted cách đây một tháng 1
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ShadowFan100 said:
I see what you're doing, Mike. bạn can stop this now, we get it. You're obviously just mirroring what you've been told over and over, as an attempt at getting attention. As for who told bạn this shit (possibly a female), I don't know. But I do know bạn need help. And rambling on here won't help you, bạn need PROFESSIONAL help.
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posted cách đây một tháng 1 
I am tổng thể anti-male. Tell that to media and social media
Mike88Al27 posted cách đây một tháng 1
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