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do u like da dance in cheryl cole's fight 4 this love???

I do....
I really like it...becoz its kinda slow in da start..n still she dance perfectly...
Sheetal1256 posted hơn một năm qua
 Sheetal1256 posted hơn một năm qua
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EmzLovesCheryl said:
Oh dear, I really, really shouldn't be on this question, because I know I'm going to see something I don't like and have a hissy fit.

Anyway, yes. I tình yêu the dance, I tình yêu the video, I tình yêu her. Actually, the song isn't one of my favourites if I'm perfectly honest. I like it, but I prefer a lot of her other stuff on the album. But I tình yêu the lyrics in it, and she's an amazing dancer in that video.

Really, she's just amazing in every way.

Yeah, I know a load of people are going to hate on this, but I don't really care. Well, maybe I will actually, I get kinda protective.

Ok, now I'm practically asking for haters, so I'm gonna shut up.

Wait, one last thing...

I tình yêu CHERYL! <3

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posted hơn một năm qua 
High fives....mee toooo
Sheetal1256 posted hơn một năm qua
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