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so i got on the compuuter the other ngày and went on Youtube and there was no sound then i went on and there was no sound but i went on itunes and windows media player and i could listen to âm nhạc but i cant on the internet plzzz tell me wat to do to fix it!!! i am desperate!!!! and PLEASE dont tell me to check if all the sound bars r turned up cause i hav checked it a million times so...........PLZ HELP

 charmed_girl13 posted hơn một năm qua
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TDIlover226 said:
Are bạn on a laptop?
If so, than I've had the same problem as bạn in the past. Try restarting your computer. That always used to work for me.
If bạn restart your computer and nothing happens, than bạn may need to ask someone else (Maybe someone in your family) for help.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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