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 lenore the cute little dead girl
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I wanna start a roleplay for this,a comic im getting into :D
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An RPC I made. SR-71 Tomorrow
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1) What gender are you?

2) What is your age?

3) Do bạn want a hug?
Of course i tình yêu giving and getting hugs.

4) Do bạn have any bad habits?
Ummm it would probably be not listen to my pack like I should.....

5) What is your yêu thích food?
Cheesecake...... yupp cheesecake i tình yêu it!!!

6) What is your yêu thích kem flavor?
I dint eat it that much but it would be strawberry.

7) Are bạn a virgin?
Nope ;)

8) Have bạn killed anyone?
Thats not important.

9) Do bạn hate anyone?
Not that i can think of........

10) Do bạn have any secrets?
Wouldn't it not be a secret anymore.

11) What is your favorite...
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Ryan Eagle is a youngest business man. He is better known as Birdman, is most recognized for being a cut-throat businessman. Ryan Eagle is the young businessman in this present world. He is an inspiration to our young generation. In his early age he is doing lots of things. He is really a hard working person. So meet the youngest businessman Ryan Eagle.

Ryan Eagle’s Beginnings: I’ve been on computers since Microsoft Windows 3.2, but the true addiction started when we got our first Compaq computer. I had recently moved from Texas, where I had spent the majority of my time outside, to Illinois....
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Chloe Sanders- a girl that can see and raise the dead. Simon's ex girl friend but still friends, Dereks girlfriend, Tori's friend, Rae's friend, and best Những người bạn with liz.

Simon Bae- Sorcer,chloe's ex boy friend but still friends, Derek's step brother, tori's half brother (but he doesn't know that), Doesn't like Rae, and likes Liz

Derek Sonza- werewolf, chloe's boyfriend, Simon's stepbrother, doesn't like tori a lot, doesn't like Rae, Likes liz

Tori Enright- witch, likes and dis-likes chloe, Simon's half sister (but she doesn't know that), hates rae, Loves Liz, dis-likes derek.

Liz- half demon-teliknetic- Loves chloe and tori, likes simon, likes derek, likes rae.
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Has anyone else noticed that our diễn đàn pages have turned into a grave yard? it's just damn sad! I'm making a proposition that from now on when an rp hasn't been đã đăng on for 20 days hoặc thêm we take a vote(i guess i'll make a diễn đàn for voteing) and if the majority is in favor we'll all báo cáo the diễn đàn as spam with a note requesting it be delted because it's dead and taking up too much không gian (or something along thos lines) and see if the F4 will xóa them for us since we can't do it once they've been đã đăng on.

All in favor of this proposition say I, those against, Nay.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,
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Penelope Abbott was born a werewolf but được trao up for adoption at birth. When she began harming others around the age of 13 due to the intense rage and animalistic instincts brought on bởi the changes of puberty, her adoptive parents sent her away to a mental hospital and there she stayed until released at the age of 17(only because she lied her way through her latest psychological sessions). At this time, furious with her parents for sending her to such a place, she took the great amount of money left to her bởi way of a college fund and ran away from her trang chủ in Luân Đôn to live in the countryside...
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