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posted by demon_wolf
What is your name?
Melody Jean Smith

Whats your gender?

Do bạn have a nickname?
Momo. Its what dad called me and now everyone does.

What do bạn consider your greatest achievement?
Ummmmmmm I don't have one

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Eating bánh quy, cookie whenever I want.

What is your most treasured possession?
chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm with a picture of mom and dad in it.

What hoặc who is the greatest tình yêu of your life?
I tình yêu my brother.

When and where were bạn the happiest?
When me and den lived with mom and dad.

What is it that bạn most dislike?
Bad werewolfs

What is your greatest fear?
Getting sick like how mom and dad got sick. They went crazy and killed a lot of good people.

Which living person do bạn most despise?
… Had to look up that word.
I don't hate anyone.

What is your greatest regret?
I don't know…

Which talent would bạn most like to have?
TO FLY! Does that count as a talent?

Where would bạn like to live?
Anywhere as long as Den, Krystal, Glow, and chim hoa mai, chim ưng, finch comes.

What do bạn most value in your friends?
Glow likes to hang out with me…

Who is your yêu thích hero of fiction?

Whose are your Giải cứu thế giới in real life?
My brothers Den, and Glow.

Which living person do bạn most admire?
Finch. Even Houghton he is always mean to me.

On what occasions do bạn lie?
Never. Lieing is bad.

Which words hoặc phrases do bạn most overuse?
I don't listin to myself talk.

If bạn could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Nothing. I like how I is.

What are your yêu thích names?
I like my name. Momo

How would bạn like to die?
I hope I never die.

If bạn died and came back as something what would it be?
A blue bird! Because they are blue and can fly!

Does anyone tình yêu you?
Den, Glow, Krystal

What do bạn fear the most?
The bad werewolfs.

What's your yêu thích color?

What's your current occupation?
Occupation is a job right? I'm not old enough to have one.

What's your yêu thích animal?
Blue birds!

Would bạn ever change your name?

What would bạn change it to?
I wont change it.

yêu thích food?

yêu thích drink?

Have bạn ever had a pet?
Yupp a dog named Scout.

What did bạn name it?

How old are you?
13 about to be 14

Did someone make bạn take this questionnaire?
Yupp. den did.
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for those who are in it, this is a book following the story of Silas Saberton from the Pottermore RP. I have planned on nghề viết văn this for years and send it to JK Rowling Herself and see if she would want to help me Co-Author the book with me.

But until that point my fanpop and Deviantart Những người bạn will get a sneak peak!

Without further ado, I present the Slytherin Syndicate!

The Slytherin Syndicate

Chapter 1

A Wizards Awakening

    The storm over Luân Đôn seemed to increase in velocity, the winds getting stronger with each moment. Silas lay on his bed, which he turned to face his...
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Sophia Muna LeFleur

Sophia was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 21, 1861. Her mother was a slave woman of African and Native American descent, her father was a man of Spanish and French descent, a slave driver madly in tình yêu with one of his slaves. Together, the couple bore 5 Creole children...

On October 5, 1881, Sophia met her fate when she went for a walk with a stately young looking "man". Once they were out of the Plantation's earshot, he changed her life forever, then left her for dead. Hours later, just before sunrise, she was found bởi one of her younger sisters, taken inside,...
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Each person has an animal spirit in them which they can turn into any time they want too. These people are protecters of all other good magic holders and innocent people in other words mortals. And black magic is the ultimate enemy. All animal warriors are good, and only have magic called "Light Magic". The other magic holders use magic called "Black Magic" Black magic holders do now have an animal form.

Black and Light at one time had gotten along and even shared tricks about their magic. But one ngày something went wronge when the two lords of Black and Light were sharing their sercrets about...
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posted by demon_wolf
This was inspired bởi Yugiohfanatic1 (M), bởi her characters and the situations they sometimes get into. So Enjoy.

She let her anger out on a pillow, punching it harder and harder as new sets of tears poured from her eyes, like a river after a nights storm. The tears ran down her face and onto the cái gối, gối of which she punched.

"WHY? WHY? WHY?" She scream to the walls around her, as if for some reason they may just answer her.

She stopped all movements, she fist lay on the pillow, and her face turned to a framed picture on the giường side table. In the picture sat two people on a bench in some park....
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