Rakshasa & Những người bạn A-Z Songs:Songs I tình yêu Beginning with B which would bạn pick?

Pick one:
Beautiful Remains~Black Veil Brides
Buried Alive~Autumn Ruin
Bite My Tongue~You Me At Six
Bat Country~Avenged Sevenfold
Beast and the Harlot~Avenged Sevenfold
Breathe Underwater~Placebo
Bright Lights~Placebo
Battle For The Sun~Placebo
Bruise Pristine~Placebo
Bulletproof Heart~My Chemical Romance
Breathless~Asking Alexandria
Buried Alive bởi Love~HIM
Basket Case~Green ngày
Boulavard Of Broken Dreams~Green ngày
Brain Stew~Green ngày
Bodies~Drowning Pool
Broken~Vincent Black Shadow
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