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Opinion by Windrises posted hơn một năm qua
fan of it?
Is cún yêu, con chó con in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville a good show?

answer: 1 of the biggest yeses I've ever given. I tình yêu the show.

The hiển thị is about Kate who's a human girl and her dog/best friend Magic. They are trying to rescue Princess Ava, the leader of Pocketville. Ava is a cat and her villainous sister Eva wants to take over Pocketville.

The hiển thị is a wonderful blend of adorable Giải cứu thế giới and hilarious villains. Kate, Magic, and the other Giải cứu thế giới are good role người mẫu and Eva and the Petbuster are great villains.

The hiển thị is so optimistic and funny that it cheers me up no matter how bad my moods are. I highly recommend the hiển thị to anybody that needs a lighthearted experience. The hiển thị has helped cheer me up several times.

bởi the way the hiển thị has my yêu thích theme song!

Review by carenwang90 posted hơn một năm qua
fan of it?
1 fan
Maybe... shouldn't ain't add Fast-Food Restaurant?
cún yêu, con chó con In My Pocket Reviews

I was having cún yêu, con chó con In My Pocket, y'know if I giving reviews its thêm better..

1. Maybe... is may good if there a thức ăn nhanh restaurants for 'In My Pocket' Series..."
2. Shouldn't 'In My Pocket' series must add... Jackal? Kerry Blue Terrirer? Or... Chinchilla? Thereis lies a seeeeeeecret
3. Ugh! This lame playset play off! I wanna some 'In My Pocket' Luxury Cruise... 'In My Pocket' magic động vật and someting like inflatable sumo suits...

Thats all my review, lets see...

Isn't uncool! If there is no item like above!

Or... shouln't ain't add this? hoặc else?????

Maybe... I wanna a con lợn, chồn the isurance seller... an animal with Jirachi's costume... A cat inside inflatable sumo suits... and... a dog inside meta Kinght's costume hoặc else....