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Do bạn play Meikyu-bey (Maze) in the world?

Meikyu-bey (Maze) in the world is a fanmade JRPG based on the anime. We can control 5 of the 14 available magical girls (5 from the anime, and 9 without names). The goal in this game is defeating all the witches in a scenario similar to a maze, leveling up our characters without Homura getting out of MP (magical points).

A special feature of this game is, if the situation is in danger (running out of MP, for example), we can travel in time, reseting to level 1 of all magical girls except Homura, and start again the game, but with Homura stronger than before. It's however still possible to defeat the game without ever having to reset the timeline.

 Do bạn play Meikyu-bey (Maze) in the world?
 HomuraAkemi225 posted hơn một năm qua
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