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I hope bạn tình yêu this video & please put các bình luận & please no bad các bình luận & thank bạn & have a nice day!!!!!
Mindless Behavior
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mindless takeover
may 4 2013
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 MB bờ biển, bãi biển wear
MB beach wear
LIVING ROOM..................

Princeton: so how did it go
Me: i think we all are goin to be good friends
Roc: ya Charlie is fun and loving jus lik vic
Me: thxs brotha
Roc: np
Me: asked her to tham gia us on this bờ biển, bãi biển night thts cool wit yall
Them: yea
RayRay: yea Charlie is cool
Me: she is
Tyti: mayb somedaiis we should go to the mall hoặc go to the phim chiếu rạp something
Me: yea so we can no each otha betta
Princeton: we hav to tell yu something
Roc: wat bro
JacobL: yea
RayRay: wat they said
Princeton looked at me and i nodded
Princeton: i had another fight wit prod for the same reason
RayRay: wat
Princeton: he kissed...
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The tiếp theo ngày I just stayed in my room because I didn't want to go anywhere then kelly came over and dragged me out of my room and đã đưa ý kiến
Kelly:"You need to go out bạn havent been out for a week"
Me: "fine" then I got dressed and đã đưa ý kiến
"where are we going"
Kelly: "we are going to the park to meet alisha and aidan"
When we got to the park we all climbed up trees and had alot of fun then I put my phone down and left it with kelly after a while princeton calls from atlanta and kelly picks up the phone and answer's it.
Jacob: "hay baby girl are bạn missing me?"
kelly" um hi it's kelly"
Jacob quickly but's...
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all i got to say is OMG!!
Mindless Behavior
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Roc: What was that all about bae?(he whispers)
Jenna:Nuun just a mix up about somin.
Roc: Awhl was it about me?
Jenna: H** Nawh,you know nun could brake us up.
Roc: I know
Mindless Behavior Manager: We almost to Washington.
Jenna::Thats my time.
Roc: WTF are u talkin bout?
Jenna:I'm about to change clothes knuckle head!
(A few phút passed and Jenna came back out and everybody gasped,She had on some ripped light blue booty shorts with a half áo sơ mi that was a cream color with a lot of poof on it with some big cream poof boots.and a cream bandana)
Roc: D**** u lookin sexxi as H** and that belly button peircing sexy wit ya color to.
Ray: Ay prince can i hit that?
Prince:H** no!!! wth wrong wit u thatz my sister!
(a girl named cece and princeton are Những người bạn but they start to develope feelings for each other)
cece:(phone rings)hello?
cece:wat's up
prince:nun i cant study because my mom and dad are arguing and it's driving me crazy!
cece:u wanna study here
prince:can i
cece:of course my mom's at work im bởi myself anyway
prince:cool i'll be over there in 5 minutes
(5 phút later prince rings the door-bell)
prince:wat's up(walks in the house)
cece: u can sit on the couch
cece:mhm u want something to drink
prince:what do u have
prince:(cuts her off) wat about water
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