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 Hyotei members
Hyotei members
1.Shusuke Fuji
2.Eiji Kikumaru
3.Ryoma Echizen
4.Takeshi Momoshiro. also known as Momo
5.Kaoru Kaido
6.Kunimitsu Tezuka
7.Bunta Marui
8.Masaharu Nio
9.Seiich Yukimura
10.Akaya kirihara
11.Kintaro Toyama
12.Kuranosuke Shiraishi
13.Ryo Shishido
14.Keigo Atobe
15.Genichiro Sanada
16.Yushi Oshitari
27.Hiroshi Yagyu
18.Sadaharu Inui
19.Takashi Kuwamura
20.Shuichiro Oishi
21.Nanjiro Ehizen
22.Ryoga Echizen
23.Gakuto Mukahi
24.Kojiro Saeki
25.Osamu Watanabe
26.Chotaro Otori
27.Akira Kamio
28.Jirō Akutagawa
 Fuji & Saeki
Fuji & Saeki
Whether bạn agree hoặc not, most of the wackiest and stomach-bursting scenes of POT came from cutest side stories of POT: the Chibi episodes.

The reason why the anime version had these, I don't know. Maybe, the phim hoạt hình team wanted to come up with side stories that will tickle the fans' funny bones, and they will surely love.

I know you'll agree with me. The Chibi version of the shounen characters are way cuter, not to mention the reduced seriousness in some of the characters. They look thêm cuddlier. And that simply means it will garner thêm những người hâm mộ too. Take Kaido for example. He looks like...
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posted by ryomaidol
Twist Serve (ツイスト サーブ )
A serve Ryoma typically performs with his right hand, though it needs to be hit with the opponent's dominant hand. The twist serve is Ryoma's most notable shot. It is meant to shoot towards the opponent's face, making it difficult to return. He can perform it with his left hand when he is facing left-handed opponents. He claims that he does this so he can hit the opponent in the face with the ball. It was first used against Sasabe.
In the English dubbed version of Prince of Tennis, the twist serve is referred to as the kick serve, which is similar to the...
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posted by tezuka25_dane
The Seigaku hoặc the Seishun Gakuen is one of the most famous schools in Tokyo. The Seishun Gakuen is a prestigious and được ưa chuộng school. But why? The school has many sports club, although some weren't acknowledged, they have a club that made the mention of "Seishun Gakuen" catch almost anyone's attention. This certain club was the quần vợt club, the club that held a future professional quần vợt player. This quần vợt player is no other than the legendary Nanjiroh Echizen himself, the man who also happens to be the father of our protagonist, Ryoma Echizen. When he joined the quần vợt club, everything...
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This is the danh sách of POT anime EPISODES

A Prince Appears
Samurai Junior
The Seigaku Regulars Make Their Debut!
The One Named Viper
Snake Shot
Nanjiro Echizen
The Two Ryomas
The chẻ, phân chia, split Step
The Hard Day
Counterattack! Sasabe Again?
Ryoma vs. Momoshiro
The Perfect Match
Real Men Play Doubles
The Triple Counter
To Each His Own Battle
The Boomerang Snake
A Little Gesture of Triumph
The tình yêu Letter
Battle-Scarred Ryoma
Time Limit
Is the quần vợt Court Burning Up?
Kaoru's Troubles
Here Comes Inui's Deluxe Drink!
Ryoma's ngày Off
Seigaku's Strongest Man, Part 1
Seigaku's Strongest Man, Part 2
Karupin's Adventure
A New Regular Appears!?...
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Ryoma's back and back with new tricks in his sleeve! After an intriguing appearance in the US open, Ryoma is now back in Tokyo to be with his teammates, the Seigaku quần vợt Club to win the Nationals. New and old rivals and Những người bạn emerged like the vengeful Hyōtei Academy, the Dark Horse Higa from Okinawa and mysterious Shitenhouji from Osaka . But the thêm powerful Seigaku has no match aginst the invincible Rikkai from Kanagawa.

In April 2006, an original video phim hoạt hình (OVA) continuation of the anime began to be released over a span of seven DVDs. The beginning...
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Dear Prince ~To the Prince of Tennis~

"The ending is but another beginning"

Last friday, I watched the Prince of Tennis' final set of episodes.

What exciting matches they had! Here's the Tournament plan

S3: Tezuka Kunimitsu vs. Sanada Genichirou

D2: Inui Sadaharu & Kaidoh Kaoru vs. Yanagi Renji & Kirihara Akaya

S2: Fuji Syuusuke vs. Niou Masaharu

D1: Ooishi Syuichiro & Kikumaru Eiji vs. Marui Bunta & Kuwahara Jackal

S1: Echizen Ryoma vs. Yukimura Seiichi

Our samurai junior had the finest teacher in the world. He had the regulars, Tezuka-buchou, and most of all, his father, the original...
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posted by tezuka25_dane
 The Seigaku Regulars!
The Seigaku Regulars!
The good part of the story of Prince of quần vợt starts when Ryoma Echizen joined the Seigaku regulars and it ends when they won the National Tournament and became National quần vợt Champions.As bạn see,the excitement and the thrill in the anime starts when he joined the regulars because Ryoma fights diff. quần vợt players with their diff. playing styles from other teams with his teammates.You will be excited and you'll even say "who's gonna win?" hoặc like "What team is their tiếp theo opponent?" hoặc even "Will they make it to the Nationals?".without the Seigaku regulars,the POT will lack excitement and...
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It has been a decade since Prince of quần vợt (Tennis no Oujisama) came in the market and caught a lot of fans. Anyone who watched this crazy anime became addicted to it and made its những người hâm mộ tình yêu quần vợt itself. Now, we narrowed down the danh sách on why we tình yêu (or why we are addicted) this anime-sport.

On the hàng đầu, đầu trang ten is the ever improving Inui Juice. No kidding, the nước ép, nước trái cây itself made every practice a nightmare. With its out-of-this-world taste and lotsa nutrients, the so-called nước ép, nước trái cây forced each and every player to improve in order not to drink the evil ‘j’. Indeed, the nước ép, nước trái cây has done a big role...
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What better way to celebrate the new release of the film The Prince of Tennis: Eikoku-shiki-jō Teikyū Kessen!, cửa hàng Namco Namja Town in Tokyo, taking part in a campaign where desserts sold 25 franchise based on 5 to 30 September this 2011. These will be sold in the Namja Town theme park in Ikebukuro ward.
The desserts are:
Chessecake Shitenhoji, Daigoro Sô cô la Cake, Crepe Akay Kirihara, Invincible Rikkai Parfait, Nữ hoàng băng giá partner Marui-Jackal, Nữ hoàng băng giá mixed-Ryūkyū Higa, parfait of the strongest pair of Hyotei, Fluffy Fluffy Karupin, Bun Genius Shusuke Fuji, fried "Tennis will teach you" Ryoma,...
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posted by tezuka25_dane
 Want to learn the twist serve just like Ryoma? Then,this is how to do it!
Want to learn the twist serve just like Ryoma? Then,this is how to do it!
This is a bài viết that contains the steps of the twist serve of Ryoma.

note:this is not an original article.but it may help some of the POT những người hâm mộ so i wrote it here on fanpop.

So,let's begin!

1.first of all,the grip recommended for performing a Twist Serve is the Eastern Backhand Grip

2. The toss of the ball is very crucial when performing a Twist Serve. bạn want
to toss it so that if bạn weren't going to take a lung lay, swing at it,the ball would
land slightly behind and to the left of your head.

3. Before bạn swing,be sure to bend your knees, arch your back, and turn your
shoulders. Your back should be somewhat...
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posted by ryomaidol
 my POT áo khoác with the mũ lưỡi trai, cap of Echizen Ryoma
my POT jacket with the cap of Echizen Ryoma
It all started when I was nine years old. I heard from my classmate talking to another classmate this: "Huy, alam mo, adik din siya sa Prince of Tennis" which means in English: "Hey, bạn know, she is also addicted to The Prince of Tennis." When I heard that, I thought quần vợt is boring and very unappealing.

Two years later, when I was browsing Hero TV, an anime channel here in the Philippines, I stumbled upon The Prince of quần vợt once again. I saw that the anime is very great, the best hiển thị in the world! Who could knew that such kind of quần vợt exists! It is a quần vợt with Naruto! Then it instantly...
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posted by sadari
 New Prince of quần vợt
New Prince of Tennis
Here at last, is the New Prince of tennis. The new manga craze that is starting to kill those lazy eyes for reading.

Yep, the New Prince of quần vợt manga is packed with thêm exciting matches and a lot thêm cute boys bạn could ever ask for.

The NPOT(let's call it that way, please?) will cover stories after the National Tournament and a whole lot gags you'll ever see. It may also have side stories(who knows?) just like the Tenipuri inserts in the anime series.

For thêm news, những thông tin cập nhập and manga plots, visit OneManga hoặc other manga sites and start getting those frisky eyes đọc the newest and hippest craze you'll surely love.

URL: link
To be honest, I'm really not a người hâm mộ of sports anime at all. I tend to lean towards the slice-of-life and romance genres, with few exceptions. However, Prince of quần vợt has surpassed all of my expectations, and it's become one of my most yêu thích anime of all time.

Let's start with the fact that it is indeed a sports anime. Almost every episode includes at least some aspect of tennis, even the filler episodes. quần vợt is what connects all of the characters in Prince of Tennis, so naturally it has to be one of the most prominent features. What surprised me, though, is how this anime really opened...
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posted by ryomaidol
Zero-Shiki (Degree) Drop shot. This shot causes the ball to roll away from the opponent and towards the net once it drops on their side of the quần vợt court (usually landing a foot away from the net), preventing them from hitting the ball again since it does not bounce toward them. He later develops a variation of this technique in the form of a serve called the Zero-Shiki Serve. Another one of Tezuka's signature techniques is the Tezuka Zone (手塚ゾーン Tezuka Zōn), a technique which involves him putting enough spin on the ball in order to force nearly all hits to be "sucked" into his...
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posted by ryomaidol
Do bạn wonder why I am ultra active this year?

It's because it's POT's tenth anniversary!!!

To celebrate this wonderful year, since only a few remembers, I would want to make a joint project with all of you, POT fans!

Our joint project for this commemorative năm is to make a POT encyclopedia here on fanpop.

bạn can write messages to me containing các bài viết for POT. It may be terminology, the moves, the people, the places and the likes!

I will đăng lên the bài viết "The Prince of quần vợt Encyclopedia" if I have compiled at least ten articles.

I will only compile các bài viết of POT. bạn can only send message to me via fanpop bởi visiting my thông tin các nhân at link and write me a message hoặc via my e-mail at

Also, các bài viết should be as short as zero to two các bài viết only.

I will accept các bài viết as long as fanpop exists.

Thank bạn very much.
Jamie Lano, an American artist and columnist who has been living in Nhật Bản since 2004, is assisting Takeshi Konomi on his New Prince of quần vợt (Shin quần vợt no Ouji-sama) manga, which just launched in Shueisha's Jump Square magazine on Wednesday.

Lano answered a notice that Konomi đã đăng for new assistant artists last September. At the time, Konomi had not officially announced that he was restarting The Prince of quần vợt manga after ending it last March. During parts of the six months leading up to the new manga's launch, Lano and the rest of Konomi's staff would work in marathon sessions and not...
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 prince of tennis:echizen ryoma
prince of tennis:echizen ryoma
when i first heard about POT,i've got excited so i bought a dvd.i watched it and liking it so i've become a POT classmates tình yêu POT,when they need help,i always answer they're questions.prince of quần vợt is so fun and i will never stop loving it.i tình yêu prince of quần vợt co'z i tình yêu tennis.everyone really tình yêu POT.when i saw a POT item on my classmate,i felt that i've got,my Những người bạn tình yêu POT too but they teasing it sometimes.i didn't watching POT but i'm watching it on tv in tagalog dubbed version.sometimes,me and my classmates talk about POT.i've got interested on the...
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