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 "my shoes hoặc should i say my shoe".
"my shoes or should i say my shoe".
August 22 2009, it’s hardest for me to accept the death of my father because before that fight we were so close. I don’t talk very much since my dad has died and it is starting to concern Grandma. I sat down at the bàn stirring my cornflakes, thinking about what I had đã đưa ý kiến to dad. Grandma came and sat tiếp theo to me, she đã đưa ý kiến “are bạn okay A.J”? Trying not to cry I snapped back “please don’t call me THAT anymore”. Grandma đã đưa ý kiến “look at me” just looking at her I broke down crying. She looked at me and I broke down and started to cry. She hugged me and đã đưa ý kiến “I was wondering...
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posted by Maskiiyah

This isn't actually maskiiyah lols.
This is actually Ataahua Haenga, her cousin. I have a page, Mystic_Magenta but I forgot to sign my cousin out and now the sotry that was meant to be under my name is under hers. So im using my ocusins page lols. Believe it hoặc Not lmao!

Anyway, i saw that i had two các bình luận on I need to know saying i hsould do number 1 but then number 2? I dunno so i guess ill do both lols.

Characters: Daniella "Ella" Kellinson (7)
Paris Jackson (13)
Prince Michael Jackson (14)
Jaafar Jackson (14)
Nikita "Niki" Anderson (Lols shes 13)
Blanket Jackson (9)
Alyssa Shouse...
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