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 Randy Jackson's daughter Stevanna Jackson looks so much like her Aunty Janet Jackson
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So yeah, I went to Spencer's Youtube account and found these accounts:

Is what it đã đưa ý kiến after the accounts.
Everything except the fanpop works.

So.. what do bạn guys think? I was wondering if someone can try to friend Spencer on facebook. Then can bạn give a báo cáo if she accepts for all of us? I can't cuz my parents will get all suspicious lol.
Please bình luận so I know if this is th real Spencer hoặc not. I think it is. But please don't get mad at me because this is a Prince club. I'm JUST curious.
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Diana's POV

Me and Prince talked and talked. Eric came over to us.
"Diana, we are leaving... are bạn gonna come?" He asked. I sighed.
"Yes." I mumbled. I turned to Prince. Then I noticed a girl running over to us.
"Hey babe!" The girl đã đưa ý kiến kissing Prince on the cheek. Prince blushed. My mouth dropped. She turned to me and smiled.
"So who is this?" She asked him.
"This is Diana." Prince đã đưa ý kiến uncomfortably. I clenched my jaw and forced a fake smile.
"Hello. It is nice to me you! I am Maddy, Prince's girlfriend." She informed me.
I rolled my eyes and turned around. I felt a little tug on my hoodie...
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heyy guyss!
i haven't been on this in the longestt time. i really dont know whats going on right now.
so if bạn guys could fill me in on anything that has happened bình luận pleasee!

and i havent updatedd dont let me go, but ill do that this week. i promisee!

look! we almost have 1500 những người hâm mộ on thiss! wow, i joined when there was only like 300. this has come a longg way.

love, PMJLOVER101 <3333

PS: i thinkk ive changed a lot, lol. this is ME. 100% my typing makes mee seem veryy different.
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Michael Jackson
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