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This phim truyền hinh Những thiên thần nói dối bức ảnh contains chân dung, headshot, and closeup.

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So mona is A and then spencer figures it out and mona tries 2 push her off a cliff. Then mona falls off and dies so all the girls think they r done with a well they r not. It turns out tht ali had a secret twin sister she never mentioned so then her parents tell everybody in town bout courtney. But it turns out tht Ali was really courtney so courtney died tht night. So the other sister who is rlly ali is still alive. But in 6th and 7th grade it was courtney not ali. So ali killed her cause courtney forced her to go to this medical hospital instead of her so ali came back and killed her but they had the same dna so it could of been an easy murder. So then ali makes Những người bạn with all of them and then takes them to the lakehouse and sets the house on ngọn lửa, chữa cháy and tells them but instead of them getting killed ali did. Oh she also kidnapped melissa and killed ian cause he waz on to her. She also killed jenna because jenna knew and she waz goin to tell the police so that is the ending.
- Ian quote: "You have no idea how much trouble you're going to be in if bạn hiển thị those video to anybody. There's stuff on them that could bring everybody down. Including your family".
- Ian quote: "We never had sex, Alison. I didn't do anything wrong".
- Alison quote: "And you're going to jail".
- In Alison/Ezra flashback, we see Alison's bracelet come off and her putting it back on the other arm.
- Alison quote: "Ezra seemed to get that everything I đã đưa ý kiến was made-up stuff, but he believed me when I told him CeCe and I were roommates at UPenn.
- The cops have Peter, Veronica and Melissa at the...
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