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posted by KenKitazawa
xin chào bạn know that two weeks cách đây i went to the forest and i saw a very cute rabbit my granny đã đưa ý kiến i could keep it for a few days it was great!Miyako said.Yeah and i was doing quần vợt until this
guy đã đưa ý kiến i was so good i could maybe go to a tournament and it is tomorrow!Kaoru said.

Hey Kaoru,Miyako bạn want me to tell bạn what happend to me monday week? Momoko said.
Yeah!Kaoru said.OK! Miyako đã đưa ý kiến

Ok so i was in a jungle and...WAIT! WAIT! Kaoru said.How could bạn be in the jungle if bạn where
at trang chủ and doing your homework?.Well...um i was doing my homework...Tuesday! Momoko đã đưa ý kiến not sure of herself...
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posted by KaoruBlackstone
As I flew back to the lab, my head started tingling. I stopped and rubbed my head.
"Buttercup, are bạn alright?" asked Bubbles. "You seem very pale." She looked worried.
"I'm fine." I lied. Then I heard a noise behind me. The other two turned paler than ever. I turned around and nearly fainted. "Him!"
"Nice to know that bạn remember me, young Buttercup!" He grabbed me bởi the arm, then made his dust teleport us somewhere in the forest.
"How did bạn come back? I thought bạn were gone for good!" I yelled. But for some reason, he didn't feel like my enemy. But we are! But why take me? He has no reason to.
"Some boys should not touch other's stuff" He said. I formed my hammer to attack, but he said, "Don't do that my dear little Buttercup. hoặc should I say, my dear niece!"
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posted by KenKitazawa
Time to wake up Da Wan! đào said
Alright Peach.Ken đã đưa ý kiến wile getting out of bed
They had breakfast and went to do chemistry until
the chuông, bell rang it was Kaoru Ken let her in.
xin chào Ken!she said.Why are bạn looking at me?
No i am not!he said
Ok! ok! dont need to get mad!she đã đưa ý kiến lowdly.
Kaoru đã đưa ý kiến let's go play soccer!
alright! Ken said
After playing bóng đá Momoko came shouting MOJOJOJO
đào đã đưa ý kiến Powerpuff Girls Z we need you!!!
--Hyper Blossom--
--Powered Buttercup--
--Rolling Bubbles--
They beated mojo and went to the lab but Kaoru
was injured.
What is going on here? Ken said
Kaoru is injured! Bubbles shouted
Where? Ken asked.On her leg Blossom said.
To be continued
posted by KaoruBlackstone
Today, we are going to introduce Brick in his hero form to the professor. Butch, as Green Wonder, told me that he will introduce him so I can be quiet. I was waiting with Bubbles and Blossom so we could all go at the same time. When they got here, they transformed and us to the lab.
"Professor, Ken, Peache! We are here, and we have a new friend with us!" I shouted on hàng đầu, đầu trang of my lungs. There is no way I'm gonna waste energy on flying hoặc to look for them. I have a bóng đá game tomorrow. Well, to get back on subject, they came into the room.
"Is it the red one that bạn are talking about, Buttercup?...
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