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 Piplup người hâm mộ Art
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There is a disease called "Pokerus" that is spread all around the world bởi trainers who would want thêm power for their Pokemon. The trainers don't know about it's other effects. One ngày a researcher named "Haden Sorman" looked at a Pokemon with Pokerus. He thought it looked so powerful that he wanted to know more. So then, Haden started extracting saliva off a Ratatta and tested it. It seems normal and usual. He then tested a infected Ratatta and see what was the results. The results say it gets 10x stronger but, as it has the disease for a longer time it gets out of control and possibly.......
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This is a story of a Misanko Elite Four member, and Guardian of Electricity named Daniel. He wants to explore the Misanko Region so he's starting an adventure with his Những người bạn Hiroka, and Hazuto, and leaving his sister, Hazuki, in charge of all his pokemon except for Roxian, and his Elite Four Island.


Daniel puts his hat on backwards, only hiển thị his yellow streaks on his bangs. "A new adventure outta be nice. Its better than being cooped up on that island battling all the time." He says as he straps his găng tay on. "Time to head to Prof. Holly's...
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posted by tinaloo
latley i have been thinking about ash's aura and how it is like sir aaron's. well what if sir aaron was ash ansester hoặc his dad? they have to be some what related to have the same type of aura. also they look so much alike that he could be related somehow. plus we dont know any thing of ash dad he was never shown in the anmei,game,or book's. his dad probly is on his own journy as a aura gardean hoặc he could be dead like sir aaron(hiht hint). ash has also had a incounter with a riolu and there aura was a close bond like sir aarons and lucario's. ash will proubly use aura agin and find out thêm of his past and how he got his unique aura powers. then it might say he is related to riley cause they all 3 look alike. so there will be thêm aura in the hiển thị and tell us thêm about his conection's. imagine if ash could use aura sphere.................................................................................. SO AWESOME he could be super and save the world with it again
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