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This Pokémon bức ảnh might contain anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

Number 1) Wooper. reason: other than cuteness, I like wooper because of nostalgia. gen 2 was and still is my favorite, and wooper was one of my first Johto Pokémon.

Number 2) Togedemaru. reason: because of the cuteness!

Number 3) Bidoof. reason: well, it's so cute! how could someone not like Bidoof? *because they're everywhere...*

Number 4) Rowlet. reason: cỏ type? check. Owl? check. sphere? check. starter? yesssss…

Number 5) Chespin. reason: why else? if anyone remembers the XY anime, I'll just let bạn take a guess.

Number 6) Mew. reason: Pokémon: the first movie. what an adorable Pokémon....
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 8: Ash's Little Girl!

(In Ash's house, it's morning and all the people in the house are still sleeping. Pikachu woke up and let a yawn, "Chaaaa..." He turned around and see Nikki laying on hàng đầu, đầu trang of Ash sleeping. Ash was sleeping to while holding onto Nikki.)
Pikachu: (smiles at the both of them) Pikachu...
(In Misty's gym, everybody is eating bánh xèo, bánh kếp and thịt ba rọi, thịt xông khói for breakfast. Serena is eating breakfast at the table. Ash and Nikki comes with plates full of breakfast and sits tiếp theo to her. Ash is sitting between Serena and Nikki.)
Ash: So honey pie how do like Pallet...
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volcanion and the mechanical marvel
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 Umbra, use Dark Pulse! Then follow up with Payback!
Umbra, use Dark Pulse! Then follow up with Payback!
Hey! cô ca here! I'm gonna throw this at bạn guys. I haven't done a Pokémon battle story in a long time. But anyways, let's go!

P.S. it might have a couple curse words. Not a lot tho.

"Can't keep up, Manuel?" says Tyler van Berg, a young, black tough gun as he outruns his friend Manuel Marquezo.

Aura ran past us. She bragged, "Who's ahead now?" Aura ran faster as the trio headed through the canyons for weekend fun.

Manuel panted, "Damn *gasps* you." He collapsed on the ground crying. "You and Aura run too fast! It ain't fair!" *throws tantrum*

*helps Manuel up* "You do need to hit the gym."...
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Ash: Hi, i'm Ash!

Misty: And i'm Misty!

Ash: And this is Kanto Tv's Pokéshots!

Misty: Today's guest is someone we all know if we've ever played the Pokémon Games-

Ash: Holy sh*t there's a game!?

Misty:-The not so one and only, Nurse Joy!

*Applause and cheers from audience as Nurse Joy appears*

Joy: Thank bạn for having me on your show!

Misty: No problem!

Ash: How does your hair make those Loopy things?

Misty: Shut up Ash!

Ash: Sorry.

Misty: So, as we all know, you've been involved in the games and anime-

Ash: Holy sh*t there's an anime?

Misty: Where do bạn THINK Pokémon came from?

Ash: Japan!

Misty: Stop...
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xin chào guys it's me yamishadow( doubt anyone is đọc this though) and today I will be making a danh sách hope bạn guys enjoy The hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 most annoying Pokémon
what can I say about it that Kelfki is wellll.... a set of keys lets see bạn got the key from the legend of Zelda, the key your car, the key to your bedroom, and the Keyblade!( that's a abrandontothepast refrence) I guess the developers got drunk and looked at their keys and đã đưa ý kiến BRILLIANT! In battle it's okay and since it's a fairy type which is good against dragon types, but think about that dragons...being defeated/scared bởi keys....
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