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posted by Mariothecool7
in this story Fennekin will be attempting a theft but doesn't know it's wrong yet. this is also a remake of my last stories that got erased when i got the boot.


Fennekin: oh boy. oh boy. i can't wait. Glaceon: what would that be? Fennekin: for the new game. Leafeon: don't forget it'll be a while before we can get it. Kirlia: yes. Fennekin: i wish had some Những người bạn to play with though. Kirlia: there's a new neibor tiếp theo door bạn would tình yêu to play with. it's a Pichu. Fennekin: ok. i would tình yêu that. ahchoo. Glaceon: bless you. Fennekin: ok. i'll be off then. Kirlia: ok. be sure bạn give him this...
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 Number 3 Yes people is possible to find a non sexual one
Number 3 Yes people is possible to find a non sexual one
người đi đòi nợ, dun người đi đòi nợ, dun some of the cutest pokemon pictures in the internet waring internet is unpredictable and bạn sometimes may turn up for something else like a sexual garvidor so be careful when bạn tìm kiếm for pokemon pictures
 Number 2 I tình yêu cỏ types
Number 2 I love grass types
 Number 1 I don't know about bạn but its so cute
Number 1 I don't know about you but its so cute
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Oh, Pokemon. It was one of the things I loved so much in my childhood other then Zelda. IT has its own games, toys, trading cards, TV shows, manga, and, in this case, người hâm mộ fictions. This hiển thị had Mất tích of fanfictions. Some good like No Antidote, the Pokemon Rebellion, and The Midsummer Knight's Dream. Then there was the bad ones like Pokemon Ultiment (Yes the spelling of Ultimate was messed up on purpose. That's how its spelled) Forever Mine, and Darkest Night........ Then..... There's The Pokemon Story.
This has to be, without a doubt, the worst fanfic I have ever read. Worse then Trixie's Funhouse....
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10. Iris

I admire Iris because of her spirit and how good she is with Pokemon. She's not all that great with people though. I don't understand why she has to tease Ash so much and call him a little kid for not knowing something hoặc for doing something wrong. Newsflash Iris, Ash IS a little kid, he's only 10, but that doesn't mean bạn have to be rude to him for not knowing how to do something.

9. Clemont

He's super sweet and kind to others especially Bonnie. I like that he allows Bonnie to carry Dedenne with her wherever she goes and to allow Bonnie to take care of Dedenne despite her not...
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