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arceus is the kraken XD
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Dawn go to Princess Salvia's house. In Princess Salvia's house, Dawn must change dress and footwear. Dawn also must remove beanie, scarf, Pokétch and hair clips and for use bởi Princess Salvia. After that, Princess Salvia must change dress and footwear. Princess Salvia also must remove headband, chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm and princess găng tay in order to use Dawn's Diamond and Pearl outfit. Princess Salvia will go to contest with her Togekiss. Princess Salvia win in hàng đầu, đầu trang 8. After 6 contestants lose, Princess Salvia and Jessie will battle with their respective Pokémon in 5 minutes. After 4 phút and 24 giây elapsed, Princess Salvia win. Princess Salvia được trao the ribbon. But Princess Salvia give Jessie a ribbon for her goodness. Jessie angry but the ribbon make Jessie win at the contest. After that, in Princess Salvia's house, Dawn and Princess Salvia change outfit to their usual outfit; Princess Salvia give Dawn Togekiss due changing are made bởi Dawn and Princess Salvia.
We contuine the amazing adventure of Ash and the gang as they discover their newst Pokemon, Kasey and his powers and abilites that can overcome anything.

Last time, Ash and the gang are beginning to know a lot thêm about their new Pokemon friend and his skills and agilities. Hoping to increase his powers, Ash and his Những người bạn head back down to Lakeview and accept another challnage bởi Jake. What things will lie ahead for Ash and the others? Could Team Rocket bởi after Kasey also? And what will happen if Kasey's powers overcome too much? The các câu trả lời will be reveald in this daring, tiếp theo chapter...
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If bạn are wondering all of the PKMN Generation 1 Glitches, the ones the Glitch 4 know of are listed below. These are NOT the numbers in the Poke-Dex. They are in order from oldest to newest.

Pokemon R/B Glitches

#000-'M/3Trainer Poke in Yellow) Type: Bird/Normal

#001-MissingNo) Type: Bird/Normal

#002-PokeW Trainer/X_x in Yellow) Type: Normal/Ground

#003-A/4 4 in Yellow) Type: Normal/Normal

#004-PkMn/4. . in Yellow) Type:Normal/Normal

#005-.4/pPkMnp in Yellow) Type: Pokemaniac

#006-Japanese Symbols) Type: Normal/Ground

#007-a/4 4Hy in Yellow) Type: Water

#008-LM4/7 g in Yellow) Type: Water/Fighting

#009-H poke/Z4 in Yellow) Type: Ghost/Poison

Pokemon Yellow Glitches.

#010-3Trainer Poke) Type:____/Normal

#011-Yellow MissingNO) Type: Normal/Glitchy, ngẫu nhiên name

#012-4 4/A in R/B) Type: Glitched/Normal

#013-Z4/hPoke in R/B) Type:Bug/Poison

#014-4 4Hy/a in R/B) Type:Water/Psychic
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One day, in Blackthorn city, like in the Johto region, there was a baby born, she was the daughter of the champions Lance and Cynthia(yes they make a good couple), she looked like her father red hair but with red eyes, her name was Dear. she was supposed to b the tiếp theo greatest dragon-type trainer so the elder said. she loved pokemon very much mostly dragon-types. she started training pokemon at age 5 with her dratini, Dert. Dert chose her and that proved to her family that she was special. and she was indeed special. she cud beat all of the other dragon-typer worshipper ppl. she was indeed...
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