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 A poem of a sad man
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This thi ca bức ảnh contains xuồng độc mộc, mộc, pirogue, hố đào, canoe, đi canoe gỗ, and gỗ. There might also be bè, cái bè, chiếc bè, xuồng, canoe, and đi canoe.

posted by csiAthens96
The Monogram

by Odysseas Elytis

I will always mournhear me?for you, alone, in Paradise.


Fate, like a switchman, will turn
Elsewhere the lines of the palm
Time will concede for one moment

How else, since man loves and is loved

The heavens will perform our insides
And innocence will strike the world
With the scythe of deaths blackness.


I mourn the sun and I mourn the time that comes
Without us and I sing of others whove passed
If this is true

The bodies addressed and boats sweetly gliding by
The guitars that flicker under the waters
The believe me and the dont
One in the air and one in the music

The two small...
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posted by kyvo2697
 hand in hand
hand in hand
Your here bởi my side!
Although both trapped and tied.
both confused.
Your laying with me,
out in the dark,
Stars still blinding
sirens still chiming.
At least we are together
but why can't bạn see
why your really here
right beside me.
your adding to the problem
but yet bạn heal.
your like a drug
that makes me feel
like the pain is gone.
I need you
want bạn
tình yêu bạn
A word to strong
for bạn to bare
so bạn act if
bạn don't even care.
But deep inside
Inside your heart
bạn know I was yours
right from the start.
Although the pain that is causes
to have to wait
for bạn to realize
your certain fate.
It's well worth it
in the end
when your spending eternity with me
hand in hand
posted by KerryL1986
I feel like I've waited for you
all of my life
waited to hear your voice
to feel your arms around me
I've waited for you
to touch your lips to mine
to run your fingers through my hair
I feel like I've waited for you
to whisper in my ear
to tell me bạn tình yêu me
I feel like I've waited for you
to make me feel whole
to help me feel anything
to hiển thị me love
but then I found you
fear rans through me
was I enough for you
was I good for you
then you'd touch me
my fears would melt away
my pulse would quicken
my body burned
but these feelings that I felt
they didn't last
you keet pulling away
taking my tim, trái tim with you
soon you'll...
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posted by r260897
now standing on last ngày of năm
i look back and see smiles and tears
somedays it was new too
somedays our mailboxes were filled with greetings
greetings of arrival of 01/01/2011
ngày bởi ngày we got used to
night bởi night we got close
so many starts so many ends
so many left so many got friends
learnt so much taught so much
learnt to smile learnt to give
learnt to die learnt to live
with loads of hugs and kisses
bye bye 2011
tiếp theo time we'll say
"damn our tim, trái tim still misses
THE 2011"
.they wanted a longer bài viết :P
posted by OakTown_Queen
My tình yêu is like to ice, and I to fire
How come it then that this her cold so great
Is not dissolved through my so hot desire
But harder grows the thêm I entreat
hoặc how come it that my exeeding heat
Is not delayed bởi her heart-frozen cold
But that I burn much thêm in boiling sweat
And feel my flames augment manifold
What thêm miraculous thing may be told
That fire, which all things melts, should harden ice
And ice, which is congealed with senseless cold
Should kindle ngọn lửa, chữa cháy with wonderful device
Such is the power of tình yêu in gentle mind
That it can alter all the course of time
posted by r260897
Ye, Lord let the fragrance of flowers
Mix in blowing breeze
Make the shade of trees even mát, máy làm mát
To give traveler much thêm peace
Let the trees go even wider and taller
To save the earth from burning heat
Make the smell of soil so sweet
That the countrymen live to die for their country
Let the sun shine even brightly
To make ngô fields look like gold
Lord make the sky even wider
To save us from every harm
Let the moonlight spread around
Let the beauty make us a bit warm
Oh Lord above all, Give us a willing tim, trái tim
Lord, let us be your part….. your part
posted by irena83
In toss of my thoughts
are memories that still breathe.
Can bạn feel my sorrow?

Scourge this body
sodden bởi sweat
and never been washed away.
Can bạn imagine the pain?

Trapped and tied for this place,
that's your fate,
bạn will never run away.
Can I just fade away?

bạn have fought before.
Will bạn keep fighting now?
This dawn is always the same,
ngày full of difficulties,
sweaty áo sơ mi and empty eyes,
shaking hand that holds
this cigarette,
mind that wander in
yellow field.
Can bạn forgive your life now?
added by Princess-Yvonne
A Valentine

For her this rhyme is penned, whose luminous eyes,
Brightly expressive as the twins of Leda,
Shall find her own sweet name, that nestling lies
Upon the page, enwrapped from every reader.
tìm kiếm narrowly the lines!- they hold a treasure
Divine- a talisman- an amulet
That must be worn at heart. tìm kiếm well the measure-
The words- the syllables! Do not forget
The trivialest point, hoặc bạn may lose your labor
And yet there is in this no Gordian knot
Which one might not undo without a sabre,
If one could merely comprehend the plot.
Enwritten upon the leaf where now are peering
Eyes scintillating...
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posted by Ayaka
The line 'love is a fallacy' isn't justified,
it is evidence of a coward's voice.
But when tình yêu is understood, pain is nullified
it all fades away as we smile and rejoice.

Know that vàng has no value to the soul
that it cannot just simply fill and empty hole.
tình yêu cannot be sold; neither can it be bought
but the truth that tình yêu can hold, can only be caught.

I would not compare tình yêu to a rose
the comparative pairing is what I find far too bold.
tình yêu is meant to be kept exclusive and beautiful,
not to be shown off which isn't meaningful.

The feeling flows freely as water.
It's our necessity and a hope-giving trait.
'Tis beautiful, desirable, there absolutely is no other,
'Tis a strong surge of current that overpowers all hate.
posted by sawfan13

Grow up!

Shut up!

Stop touching my things on my desk!!!!


Burping in other people's faces!

You're fifteen, bạn should act like it

Not a freakin' primate!

You play with one of my friends' hair

And bạn know she'll attack you!!!!

Throwing things around the room

I thought kindergarten was over about ten years ago

Apparently, I'm wrong

Interrupting the teacher

The teacher does nothing but yell hoặc ignore


You're a teacher!!!!

Send them to the office please!!!

I don't deserve to be around people like this

This is torture!!!

They never do their work

It's hard to pay attention

I thought school was...
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posted by babyjay
Here is another poem. It is a bit dark but the truth is always darker than it seems.

I am isolated,
I isolate myself from the people who might care about me...

They watch me but are blind,
Blind to the emotions that are always rinning through my mind while they just stare...

My tim, trái tim is broken,
The cracks run deep and I know will never be filled...

I feel unseen,
Unseen bởi the ones who walk the halls and just look right through me...

They never want to stop,
The tears stream down my face until the burn my cheeks...

I am Mất tích in a sea of black,
The waves crash around me and threaten to nuốt, nhạn me forever
posted by irena83
Let your mind floating freely
and bạn will see.
Open your soul to those
who will listen,
they'll hiển thị bạn the bright side,
the side bạn have forgotten.

Trust just this once
and bạn will see.

The sea of your Mất tích memories
shall return again
if bạn make a right choice,
the choice that changes everything.

Trust just this once
and bạn will see.

How many people bạn want to save?
Who do bạn want to follow you
in this journey we call living?

trust just this once
and bạn will see.

All those dark thoughts
that have been imprisoned
in your mind
could be silenced by
the light
bạn see cloudy
and it all seems unattainable
and impossible.
the real truth is in your heart,
bạn just have to decide
what bạn want to believe.

The smallest reason
to be alive again,
one single reason to smile
along with freedom.

~ Feel it and be free... ~
added by Dakaroth
This is the poem called "Loveless" from the game called "Final fantaisie Crises Core" (Awsome game, btw) I'm sure many of bạn know of It. But I figured I'd post it up on here for those who don't.
posted by SaturdaySurpris
Hold me, don´t ever let me go. Even if the world crashes in, bury me under your love. Even if the spring never comes, don´t let me feel the cold. Hold me when the night is so cruel. hoặc when the scars of ngày mark my skin. If bạn won´t let me go, I won´t release you. Two lovers, shielding each other from the storm. That´s who we´re going to be. Never change, never think. Let the actions flow into your hands, don´t stop. Keep going, keep your head up to the light. At the end of the journey, we will be home, the wounds forgotten and healed.
posted by SaturdaySurpris
I thought I let them go. They disappeared without a trace. For now. Suddenly, they´re there again. Haunting me, mocking with their hideous faces. Running seemed useless. There was no help no one could offer. No shelter. No strong arms to protect me. Nothing. Just me and my fantasy. I cry out in pain and sorrow but only at night. When no one can tell me to chịu, gấu it. When no one can tell me to be strong. How can bạn be strong when everything´s falling apart? When all the years bạn worked so hard only to watch the painful yet proud satisfaction melt away. Crying for time. For a new chance. Hoping...
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posted by irena83

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -
Only this, and nothing more.'

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December,
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the morrow; - vainly I had sought to borrow
From my sách surcease of sorrow - sorrow for the Mất tích Lenore -
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posted by TBGB1970
When bạn stare into my eyes
What do bạn see?

I know I see a scared girl,
Who wants to break out of her shell
and hiển thị the world who she really is.

She feels abandoned and alone
even with Những người bạn and family around her.
She has been used and she was choking on the promise she would never fall again.

She's the girl people see
Laughing and smiling on the outside
is actually Crying and Hurting inside.

People misunderstands her,
They judge and tease but she puts up a shield.
She is sweet and sensitive but they don't care
They're cruel as the world we live in.

Do bạn see that in my eyes?
Do bạn see me?

It's amazing what bạn can hide
Just bởi putting on a smile.
posted by wolfgirl985
Since I moved,
You were all up in my mind.
You always put me in a good mood.
Now you're hard to find.
I should've told you,
I loved you.
Thank bạn for being there.
For being like a brother.
That's what I should've said..

We could've still maybe be friends,
Even though I'm far aways.
I want to so bad tell hard it was to blend
With the mean people those days.
I still think about bạn to this day.

I regret not saying good bye that one week.
I should've done it but I didn't know what I was thinking.
Guess I was too scared,
I should've gone without blinking.

I hate living here!
Without you,
I'm empty.
It's true.....
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posted by Insight357
I hate you

But I just can’t seem to break you

Do I want bạn here?

Do I want bạn gone?

Everyone says your such a tease

But not to me

Are bạn real?

Are bạn fake?

Do I need to be

With this drama queen

bạn spout lies

No truth to be found

Why am I still

Trying to see the good in you?

Is it worth it?

Should I listen to them?

They tell me to go

Before I’m a victim

Of bạn mighty undoing

I won’t fall

I’ve made a promise

Can I keep it?

Will I leave?

Will I remain?



They all appear

The same



Preach the


I’m listening to you

I can’t break you

I’m falling now

No one to catch me

Do I leave now

That I’ve fallen

Are bạn worth my time?

Am I worth this pain?

God, help me choose

For this is not my decision

Any longer

I’ve put my faith in my despair

Now hiển thị me the answer

Tell me what to do

Do I stay

hoặc do I leave you?