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 A poem of a sad man
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Spoken word bởi Michael Anthony Cinematography bởi Bruce Willhite and Kyle Yates Visual Effects, and phim hoạt hình bởi Bruce Willhite
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posted by dawnisbeauty
Sleeping Beauty

Sleep, bạn brave, foolhardy wretches,
Amidst the wood that spells your curse,
Sleep in vain hope that time,
Like frightened travellers whose chivalry,
Lasts no further than the first patches of wilderness,
Would slip quietly past, slip away fast.

Away, away from the rumours thick,
Floating from mouth to ear, spreading fear,
Your Princess, your selfish hopeless doll,
Lies lifeless, still, as the walls that cradle,
A life that drifts away into dreaming
And as time rots her flesh, cuts her bones,
Her curse makes her a tombstone, a throne.

She lies still amidst her bướm, bướm đêm eaten silks,
Scarabs creeping...
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posted by slink365
I lie awake in giường last night thinking and wondering how? Pondering all these các câu hỏi why the room was spinning and how? All these scenes replaying. Scouting my surroundings like an Owl in a tree, Thinking to myself is someone else here other than me? Scared as can be holding my dog tight. Hearing these noises and hiển thị quite a fright. On this late night i cry to myself over and over again "please no, please no, no one is in here" My eyes shut tight everyone lie in giường this night, House quiet as a mouse. Not one little creek in our quả anh đào, anh đào red floor. Just the sound of the wind blowing, for...
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posted by ShiningsTar542
Have bạn ever approached bởi a broken-hearted friend?
Homeless, miserable, can't ever feel the happiness?

Whenever they're in pain, they speak up, they don't mute, don't hide.

They felt the safety and the warmth with your hand touch.
They loved it, they keep it, they ride.

You could heal their wounds bởi your words, bạn gave them your eyes, your feelings, they liked.

You made them know how easy it was, how easy to mind.

You brought back their hopes, their tears in your hands were wiped.

But, they left bạn lonely sadly, haven't bạn ever tried?
They don't even feel your pain.

Haven't bạn called for their...
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posted by irena83
Inside the darkness of my tortured mind
I see a lifelless body
Covered with blood
As I run to hold it tight
I see myself
As tears run over my cheeks
And while the whole body is trembling
My mind is looking for a justification
In loathing and despite:
Oh, what did I achieve,
What have I become?
Living bởi the someone elses rules
Deprived of my one desires,
Just a shadow in this world
Where its beauty has never been shown
To my sad eyes.
But, is this the only exit of my đắng, cay đắng existence,
Is this the way to end this resident pain?
And in the darkness of my mind
Tears run over my cheeks
Asking why,
Why rain never stops,
Why sun never shines
In my eyes,
Deadness is sleeping in its depravity
And I know that I don't belong
To this world,
I'm living in my own,
Living on my own.
added by Lovetreehill
Source: Sylvie
posted by nikkiluvzu
bạn are so young but like the stars bạn are so old/ your perfection is đắng, cay đắng and leaves me cold/ but when I feel alone and my soul can feel down I reach to the sky and hear your sound/ and bạn beauty fills the sky and eventually i'll drown in your sweet smell that fills air all around/ bạn twinkle and shine just like a ngôi sao and both of bạn grow far from the ground/ so, distances don't matter/ for what does beauty count? I'll never hold bạn and thats all I kno, beware the rain and beware the snow and beware the man we all thought we'd kno ~ Miguel, i'll always tình yêu you... No matter what. So much
posted by tayandkris4evr
This scene of light and color has amazed me, yes. The structure, beat, and rythmn all flow perfect, yes. But, the one thing wrong is that bạn are not here. Not here to see it's beauty with me.
I stand alone in the color while my thoughts bleed from my mind. Oh how I wish that bạn would come save me. Save me from this beauty. It continues these lights, they flash and dart across my face. Mocking me, and teasing of their freedom. The freedom they have to di chuyển and dance.
It is all that I do not have. That, and you. bạn used to make the lights of my life dance and di chuyển and make the most beautiful array. Yet now all they do, these beautiful lights and colors, is bring me pain. I knew bạn weren't coming, I know bạn wont come. I know, and I knew, that bạn never did. I've tried to forget you, Ive tried to di chuyển on. But, no, these lights and màu sắc continue their eternal dance of mockery and mercilessness.
posted by Sasunaru120
This poems (not written bởi me) are dedicared to my best Những người bạn who I missed very badly.

we've always been together,
we did everything with laughter,
we thought it was forever.

when I was in danger
bạn knew how to ease my fear,
bạn were always there to be my savior.

at first we were strangers,
until we became closer,
and now we are together.

but time flows like a river.
it became complicated and faster,
until we realized that we're older.

and that is what is keeping us apart,
I was here,
and bạn were there.

but I know we still care,
but our friendship slowly fades in the air,
how can it be so unfair?.

can "our past" be also called "our future?"
because I don't want to surrender
the memories we've shared together.

Source: Used To Be Close Friends, Apart, Missing bạn Poem about Những người bạn link
posted by irena83
In the tremors of despair
bạn see your life's fading away.
Now it seems like you've always known
that life bạn have will always be the path of thorns,
You've seen it, oh, bạn have seen it long ago
In the depths of your eyes.

Dark has never been so silent,
While the steps of death are too loud,
So dreadful for the hope that hết thời gian slowly.
These moments of sorrow extinguished you,
Harrowing your mind, only the dark were there,
Misery and lonely death were calling your name.

Why is death so painful for others,
Yours has always been present,
In your thoughts, In your absence,
In this sadnees, in despair.
posted by gwendiamond
The ngày is Ending
The sun is Setting
All is over
But i am sad

My tim, trái tim is still grey
My Những người bạn are mad at me
And i am still sad

I go to sleep
But i can not stop thinking of what i have done
Will my Những người bạn ever Forgive me
And i am still Sad

I Have hurt a friend and Choked another
What have i done
And i am still sad

Why have i done this why
I have been tricked
Betrayed even
bởi the Evil one
I must get him
Pay him for what he has done to me

When i have done so my Những người bạn will be happy
And so will i
posted by ShiningsTar542
In each street
In each lane
People who are rich
And people live in din.

And who lives in a lane
Wants to live in a garden
Suddenly much money they gain
And bạn ask "How?" they say "A Win".

Our story
bạn and me
People story
People stories
Are demeaned
And others keep on revilin'
This is our story.

And who's rich
Money goes away
Situations become decay
Life turns into misery

Thinks this was a dream
No, it's a nightmare
And asks "how come?"

Our story
bạn and me
People story
People stories
Are demeaned
And others keep on revilin'
This is how our stories are.
posted by slink365
I hear these crazy stories of people always hurting Not knowing what to do i stupidly ask "What can i do" They reply with "Idk" I say "Can i take your pain away cause thats all i know how to do" They say "Thats impossible that cannot be true" I say "I dont believe in impossible so the real câu hỏi is how cant it be true" They say "I wouldnt be able to live with myself if it wasnt for u so stop dreaming i cant let u thru i cant let u hurt the way i do" I say "Id smile thru the pain knowing it was for u and i cry cause u hurt now. The pain may be bad but it doesnt hurt as bad as seeing u beat so bad. I know it sounds crazy but all i dream about is caring for people so tell me to stop dreaming and my light will stop beaming. so can I" "Can u what" "Can i take your Pain Away?"
By: Alysia Batallas<3
posted by Lovetreehill

So sweet the hour, so calm the time,
I feel it thêm than half a crime,
When Nature sleeps and stars are mute,
To mar the silence ev'n with lute.
At rest on ocean's brilliant dyes
An image of Elysium lies
Seven Pleiades entranced in Heaven,
Form in the deep another seven:
Endymion nodding from above
Sees in the sea a một giây love.
Within the valleys dim and brown,
And on the spectral mountain's crown,
The wearied light is dying down,
And earth, and stars, and sea, and sky
Are redolent of sleep, as I
Am redolent of thee and thine
Enthralling love, my Adeline.
But list, O list, so soft and low
Thy lover's voice tonight shall flow,
That, scarce awake, thy soul shall deem
My words the âm nhạc of a dream.
Thus, while no single sound too rude
Upon thy slumber shall intrude,
Our thoughts, our souls O God above!
In every deed shall mingle, love.

Take this Kiss upon the brow !
And, in parting from bạn now,
Thus much let me avow
bạn are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream,
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, hoặc in a day,
In a vision, hoặc in none,
Is it therefore the less gone ?
All that we see hoặc seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand
How few ! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep while I weep!
O God ! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp ?
O God ! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave ?
Is all that we see hoặc seem
But a dream within a dream ?