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This is part of the poem from the movie "Tristan and isolde. My fav movie aswel :P
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Source: i dont know who to give credit to cuz it was on google. srry
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bạn never know what bạn have until bạn lose it, and once bạn lose it, bạn can never get it back.

My tim, trái tim was taken bởi you... broken bởi you... and now it is in pieces because of you.

Love is like falling down... in the end you're left hurt, scarred, and with a memory of it forever.

You're the one who broke my heart, you're the reason my world fell apart, you're the one who made me cry, yet I'm still in tình yêu with bạn and I don't know why.

A million words would not bring bạn back, I know because I've tried, neither would a million tears, I know I've cried.

Wanting him is hard to forget, loving him...
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~ 2 of my yêu thích tình yêu poems ~

by William Butler Yeats

When bạn are old and gray and full of sleep
And nodding bởi the fire, take down this book
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with tình yêu false hoặc true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you
And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

And bending down beside the glowing bars murmur, a little sadly, how tình yêu fled
And paced upon the mountains overhead and hid his face among a crowd of stars.

LOVESONG bởi Ted...
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Your head, your bearing, your gestures
Are fair as a fair countryside;
Laughter plays on your face
Like a cool wind in a clear sky.

The gloomy passer-by bạn meet
Is dazzled bởi the glow of health
Which radiates resplendently
From your arms and shoulders.

The touches of sonorous color
That bạn scatter on your dresses
Cast into the minds of poets
The image of a hoa dance.

Those crazy frocks are the emblem
Of your multi-colored nature;
Mad woman whom I'm mad about,
I hate and tình yêu bạn equally!

At times in a lovely garden
Where I dragged my atony,
I have felt the sun tear my breast,
As though it were in mockery;...
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Source: found on Google
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Throughout misty forest
bạn seek for spark of hope.
Your life held by
darkness thoughts,
anchor is
some place else.

Bad luck follows bạn
like a hook,
won't let bạn go,
won't leave bạn alone.

bạn smile today,
and cry whole eternity,
like that's your fate,
disturbing thoughts
to lie inside of you,
to take away everything
that bạn hope for.

Devil is calling your name,
leaves bạn not,
bạn don't see the Angel on
your shoulder,
trying to give bạn a strength.

bạn long for life
that bạn don't know of,
bạn seek for peace,
trying to get away
from misty forest
that stains your heart
into black.
The Grave đã đưa ý kiến to the Rose,
"What of the dews of dawn,
Love's flower, what end is theirs ?"
"And what of spirits flown,
The souls whereon doth close
The tomb's mouth unawares ?"
The Rose đã đưa ý kiến to the Grave.

The Rose said, "In the shade
From the dawn's tears is made
A perfume faint and strange,
Amber and honey sweet."
"And all the spirits fleet
Do suffer a sky-change,
thêm strangely than the dew,
To God's own thiên thần new,"
The Grave đã đưa ý kiến to the Rose.



La tombe dit à la rose :
"Des pleurs dont l'aube t'arrose
Que fais-tu, fleur des amours ?"
La rose dit à la tombe :
"Que fais-tu de ce qui tombe
Dans ton gouffre ouvert toujours ?"

La rose dit : "Tombeau sombre,
De ces pleurs je fais dans l'ombre
Un parfum d'ambre et de miel."
La tombe dit : " Fleur plaintive,
De chaque âme qui m'arrive
Je fais un ange du ciel !"

by: Charles Baudelaire

ARRYING bouquet, and handkerchief, and gloves,
Proud of her height as when she lived, she moves
With all the careless and high-stepping grace,
And the extravagant courtesan's thin face.

Was slimmer waist e'er in a ball-room wooed?
Her floating robe, in royal amplitude,
Falls in deep folds around a dry foot, shod
With a bright flower-like shoe that gems the sod.

The swarms that hum about her collar-bones
As the lascivious streams caress the stones,
Conceal from every scornful jest that flies,
Her gloomy beauty; and her fathomless eyes

Are made of...
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