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posted by Ms_Whatever
For me, tình yêu was a dream
It was like the wind beneath my wings
It was the light that shines bright through the dark
I was waiting for my knight
To come save me from this awful life
And now that he came
It all just faded away
After every lie he surrounded me with
Which made it difficulty for me to trust
He treated me like I have no feelings
It made this little scare grow bigger in my chest
So now in hurting, but he doesn't even know
I'm hopeless, useless and pointless
These are the things I turned into
After he left me hanging with this hole in my heart
So here I am now
Standing with a broken heart
Trying to live my life again
But no matter how many times I've tried
It just make me hate tình yêu even more
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This guide shows bạn How To soạn thảo Your Poem. Watch This and Other Related films here - link
posted by OfmiceandDes
The pain it hurts, It rips and tears.
Unstoppable, But I don't care.
All the lies about me, all the tears that have come.
They're all from bạn and the things you've become.
Don't bạn remember, when we were young and small?
All the secrets we shared, do bạn remember at all?
Now my hatred for bạn is growing strong.
Every insult bạn throw, why must it be so wrong?
That face makes me shake.
How much thêm can I take?
Now do bạn see what you've done?
This happened to me.
Congratulations, you've won.
Now are bạn glad that bạn killed me inside?
because now I wish I had really died.
Of course bạn don't, you'll never know.
All the pain and suffering i'll never show.
My tim, trái tim isn't mending.
Because all you're bending back.
Only now it's black

So I'm new to this site, I was wondering maybe some Những người bạn hoặc something? I'm still figuring out this site. So yeah.. First poem posted? Yay? D:

posted by canal
Sorrow fills the air
smoke from a cigarettes fill the room
begging to be free
im only beatin half to death
blood rains down my face just like a tear
never leaving and sign of life
small weak and useless they would tell me
but i never let i get in my way
i flew over riveres and dashed into hiding
for i was fearful and yet still feared
no one ever cared
no one ever spared
a dime a ngày for a week
never enough to fill my stomach
always regreting ever asking
but sign of hope came flying bye
a young boy the same age came walking over
"Do bạn want help" he đã đưa ý kiến thêm than just sweet
he held out his and and i slowly...
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posted by RuEbAn
They spoke sugar-coated words with a serpentine tongue,
Spun tales with a soft silken voice.
Drew her in with their songs that they sung, that they sung,
She was powerless, without a choice.

They whispered nightmares into her sleeping ears,
Tormenting her even in dreams.
In the light they seemed harmless, not one of her fears,
But these creatures were not what they seemed.

They told her of fire, they told her to burn,
Showed her fury, anger, and destructive things.
She couldn’t resist, she couldn’t escape,
A puppet controlled bởi their gossamer strings.

They whispered her lies and she did as they said,
A weak being destined to fall.
But she’s not alone, they’re not just in her head…
There’s a silver-eyed demon inside of us all.
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posted by Mileva
In dropped smoky evening with countless fires burning flame which is torn blue cold dark. In small settlements rang sharp, hysterical scream.
Andjelija allocate the plates for bữa tối, bữa ăn tối pack of children. The scream came from the left room, where a few moments Elvira just came to prepare the bed.
- What started the carnage.
She raised the gun he always wore them. In the middle of the room she noticed an Indian who was holding the hand Elvira Premrl fear. His face was punctured, distortion of smallpox...
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How to Write a Father's ngày Poem
posted by MissMuffin38
Who am I? The câu hỏi lingers in the air,
tracing the now faded các câu hỏi that once floated there too.
They dream away with every breath I take, crumbling with despair.
How do I know who I am?
I'm just victimized with care.

But I must survive, devour the words with demand.
Digest all emotions, forget those words like they have forgotten me.
They choose to avoid me, but they return as I command;
'Who am I?'
I can't help but chant.

I try to detain them, I try,
but they make their escape, swimming into freedom.
They try to answer me, but they lie.
Desperate yet beautiful, I let them go.
I can't stop them...
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posted by greysonfan215
Oh Payton why did bạn go,
I miss you,
bạn never knew i was
I would do any thing for you

I was always in the dark,
bạn were the sun and I was the shade,
bạn never even looked at me,
I always thought of you

Without bạn I could die,
I was so sad when bạn moved,
bạn didn't care when bạn moved,
But I will never ever forget you,
I wish bạn had met me

Every night I can't go to giường cause
of you,
And each night i wish bạn will
di chuyển back where bạn belong,
Also wish bạn loved me back

Hi this is my small poem
Hope bạn like it its for
my tình yêu Payton. He was sweet
to everybody. When I meet him
all he đã đưa ý kiến hi. I looked into his
big brown eyes and I fell in
tình yêu with him. Thats the only time
he ever look at me. And the time
he đã đưa ý kiến hi he just wanted to
go out with my friend. But she
knew I liked him so she đã đưa ý kiến no for me
And he never ever đã đưa ý kiến anything else
to us.
posted by Drxmarxma_101
I watched as bạn left my home
Crying out these horrible words
I don't know what happened between us
But can it be fixed without a fuss?
It felt like a Mũi tên xanh had struck my heart
The blood drips down and never stops
I can't believe that bạn let me bleed
Can bạn even come and fix it for me?

On Valentine's ngày bạn didn't care
If my presence was even there
All bạn did was dance with [b]her[b]
Making me feel empty and alone
When bạn looked over, your expression grew mad
You rushed towards me, yanking and throwing my bag
You pinned me up against a wall
Ans told me that you'll end it all

That night bạn entered my...
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added by SaraFenix
added by edward-lover456
I never asked bạn to be my Dad,
To slap me around and treat me bad.
I never asked bạn to drink alcohol,
I never asked for anything at all.

I never asked for the hurt and pain,
Or for the nights that were half insane.
I never asked for fights that were wild,
Or to grow up a bewildered child.

I never asked bạn to beat up my Mom,
Or for a blanket to help keep me warm.
I never asked bạn to leave me alone,
Or to grow up in a broken down home.

I never asked for this horrible life,
Or for the conflicts, the quarrels and strife.
I never once asked that I be defiled,
Or to grow up a bewildered child....
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