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This nhiếp ảnh hình nền contains sồi, cây sồi, ponderosa, ponderosa thông, phương tây thông vàng, bò thông, ponderosa pinus, thông ponderosa, thông vàng trung quốc, thông điệp, pinus ponderosa, ponderosa pine, tây vàng pine, bull pine, sitka vân sam, picea sitchensis, and sitka spruce. There might also be độc cần núi, cây độc cần màu đen, tsuga mertensiana, bạch cầu tuyết trắng, đen hemlock, núi hemlock, bao hàm nhất tsuga, sồi sống, and live oak.

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In chroma key technique, lighting is the most important aspect to consider for bringing realism to the videos. The technique is simple to apply, but the lighting is tricky.

When lighting some scene in chroma key technique, there are some points which are needed to be kept in mind. Firstly, light will reflect back the screen color (green, blue hoặc any other) on the actor. So, di chuyển the actor far from the screen as much as possible. Secondly, light the background evenly. For this, use lighting kit which offers diffused and even light. There should not be any hotspots hoặc shadows on the screen....
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Nowadays, the competition in the nhiếp ảnh industry is so much that every photographer tries to employ new techniques of photography. One such new technique is green screen technique. To make sure that the technique is employed properly, the photographer has to consider purchasing an ideal link, which contains all the necessary tools and equipments for attractive photography. These are the equipments which should be there in an ideal kit: -

1. Green screen backgrounds and background stand

In a complete kit, there should be green screen backgrounds against which the các bức ảnh will be taken. In...
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An Unforgettable Camera Trick Used In A Horror Film bởi A.J. Rickert-Epstein via linkMore video interviews at link
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