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 Wives and Daughters
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1999 TV series based on Elizabeth Gaskell novel
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elizabeth gaskell novel
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 The young couple!
The young couple!
Hi guys, I tình yêu âm nhạc and this is the other periodical musical film that I'm going to write about.

The Story

It was a very unusual story, because Laurey is caught in a tình yêu tam giác between Curly and the town bully name Jud. For obvious reasons, he reminds of Gaston from Disney's Beauty and the Beast to which I will come to write about the similarities later.
My favourite scene is definitely the songs 'Many a New Day' and 'Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'. I just can't get these 2 songs out of my head!

The Characters

I tình yêu Curly and Laurey because I personally felt that they have thêm chemistry...
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elizabeth of york x henry vii
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"THE YOUNG VICTORIA" (2009) Review

About a năm hoặc so before his được ưa chuộng ti vi series, "DOWNTON ABBEY" hit the airwaves, Julian Fellowes served as screenwriter to the lavish biopic about the early life and reign of Britain's Queen Victoria called "THE YOUNG VICTORIA". The 2009 movie starred Emily Blunt in the tiêu đề role and Rupert Friend as the Prince Consort, Prince Albert.

"THE YOUNG VICTORIA" began during the last years in the reign of King William IV, Victoria's uncle. Acknowledge as the tiếp theo ruler of Britain, Victoria became the target of a political tug-of-war between her mother,...
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In the years between 2010 and 2015, I have not been able to stumble across a new British period drama that really impressed me. Five years. That is a hell of a long time for a nation with a sterling reputation for period dramas in both phim chiếu rạp and television. Fortunately, the five-year dry spell finally came to an end (at least for me) with the arrival of "POLDARK", the BBC's new adaptation of Winston Graham's literary series.

I am certain that some people would point out that during this five-year period, the ITV network aired Julian Fellowes'...
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