The poster to this film.
Hi guys, this film is actually based on a real life story about Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria-Hungary. Are bạn ready for film review moment?

The Historical Story

Okay, I knew this movie from my trip to Vienna, Austria and it has been coming to 10 years already. I saw this name through my tour booklet and although I did not visit it, it fascinates me about the history of the Hapsburg that rule the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary.
Back to the story, it's about Crown Prince Rudolf, the only son of Emperor Francis Joseph (or Kaiser Franz Joseph in German). Unfortunately, the latter's conservative các lượt xem tend to clash with the former's liberal views.
His mother, the famous Empress Elizabeth (Sissi) was hardly at trang chủ due to her frequent travelling and was the main inspiration for Rudolf's Liberal views. Also, the Prince of Wales (the future UK's King Edward VII) was also feature in this film and provides comic relief for the movie.
It was a tragic moment because it was allegedly that Rudolf murdered his 17 năm old mistress, Baroness Mary Vetsera and committed suicide afterwards at his hunting lodge in Mayerling.
Okay, I was very touch bởi the film because we may not know exactly what really happen there. It was not until last năm that letters (initially thought to be destroyed hoặc lost) from Mary Vetsera that in which it đã đưa ý kiến that she is preparing to commit suicide alongside Rudolf.

The Acting

The late Omar Sharif captivated everybody with his diễn xuất and he actually play a very convincing Rudolf, his co-star James Mason also portrayed a very good and convincing Emperor Franz Joseph.
Ava Gardner is Sissi and I tình yêu how cool she is in this film, especially her interactions with Rudolf and her husband.
Finally, Catherine Deneuve plays Mary Vetsera and she comes off as very innocent in this film, despite the fact that Vetsera was actually a brunette haired in real-life. But in this film, she's blonde haired.

A Royal Conclusion

So, have bạn all seen this film? Go ahead and check it!
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